Chai memes

Chai memes made for client

Mmm chai. You either love it or you hate it, there is hardly an in between. The aromatic blend of herbs and spices hints at the deliciousness that is about to invade your senses. This traditional centuries old tea – based drink originally from India has grown so popular that there is a chai in every country. Bondi Chai latte’s spin on this spiced brew is such that it is perfect to drink either hot or cold; can be stored in its original package up to 2 years; is gluten-free; can be used to flavour drinks and desserts; and is a genuinely all-Australian product.

warms the heart chai meme

Nothing warms the heart quite like Bondi Chai


breakfast idea chai meme

Bondi Chai for breakfast idea


bondi royale chai meme

Bondi Chai Royale


another cup chai meme

What goes best with a cup of chai? Another cup


recipe chai meme

How wonderful it is to have your chai and eat it too


latte chai meme

It is never too late for a latte

Share a cup of friendship

The nature of chai

Blood group : Chai positive

I love you a latte

Take life one latte at a time

I need chai to focus

Go the extra mile

Chai is always a good idea