Natural Therapy Social Media: Can Individual Therapists Succeed?

There are only so many minutes in the day and good natural therapists like to spend as much time with a client as they can. This means that your individual therapist is always going to struggle to make a good living from their occupation alone. Many extend themselves into the manufacturing and/or selling of complementary medicines; hoping that through this they can make some money and ensure the quality of the substances they prescribe. Alternatively, some individual natural therapists group together to operate a healing centre, to both, share business expenses and to pave the way for future expansion if the centre becomes successful.

A few natural therapists also teach their modality to students at either, established schools of natural therapies or under the auspices of their own centre. Some successful natural therapists and teachers, even, publish books; which can, occasionally, provide extra income. There is no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit in the natural health world; with large training institutions growing out of the ambitions and hard work of a few in the industry. With two out every three Australians visiting a natural practitioner in their lifetime; the market continues to expand.

Osteopathic practitioners, homeopaths, naturopaths, body workers, acupuncturists and many more exponents of healing modalities are all contributing to the health and wellbeing of Australians. The standards in this country are high both in the training and the association accreditation within the various fields. There is a body of high quality literature available for both, consumers and practitioners. There are industry exhibitions and lecture programs, which continue to educate the public and inform those within the natural health industry.

All of these things are still, however, dependant on effective marketing, now, within the digital sphere. Social media is a great boon for the industry with online communities sharing the good and bad about particular therapists, healing centres, training institutions and products. Savvy businesses are utilising different forms of social media to generate interest in their goods and services. As in the case of the Instagram account for a rapidly growing natural therapy business called Conscious Living. These new channels of communication are linking up therapists and their clients to good effect.

Natural therapy social media: can individual therapists succeed? They are better off outsourcing their social media to professionals who have the expertise to properly take advantage of the marketing opportunities it presents. There are social media managers with niche specific experience in the natural health world and they can present their clients in the spirit they would expect. Healing centres are, now, being represented professionally in the digital realm.