Social Media Management Profile: Glen Fredericks

social media management glen fredericks

Last week CHRISTINE BUHAY caught up with Glen Fredericks, a graphic/web designer, video editor and social media manager extraordinaire. He shared his views about social media management and social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Here’s what he said …

A Bit about Him

I work at Barbeques Galore Maitland, one of the franchises owned by the Newcombe family. I run the Facebook page Shushbbq and also the Instagram account @grillporn.

I have a Facebook drumming page called @drummingco.

I started working in the Barbeques Galore Maitland store just a little over four months ago. I do a variety of tasks, from graphic design, managing their mailing lists, video and photography. I work in the office. I don’t deal with customers at all.

What I am doing on the social media front is the Shushbbq Facebook page, which is for the “Shush! BBQ Book” that the family has self-published.

His Work

grillporn imageInstagram, as you’d already be aware, is a powerful tool, so we started the @grillporn profile – choosing “grill” because we are aiming at the American market and “porn” because of my experience with “drumporn” on Instagram.

Any word associated with porn on Instagram doesn’t come up with tsunami of pornographic results, but of people who have an intense interest in whatever the subject matter is. So be it #foodporn or #drumporn or even #cloudporn.

drummingco imageI started instagramming photos of drums back in August 2012 and then in January of 2013 I started the Facebook Page @drummingco which is now up to 6,000+ Likes. The hardest thing has been to drag those Instagram followers over to Facebook. It would appear that your numbers are skewed towards Instagram as well.

I had a Facebook Event called Hug A Drummer Day. I announced it two months prior. I wasn’t going to make a Facebook Page about it, but with the publicity being generated (it was in the Newcastle Herald and I was interviewed on 2HD) I figured I better in case someone squatted on the and capitalised on my hard work. Within a week, it has grown to 2,500 Likes with 6,000+ joining the event (I anticipated 5,000 so I’m quite happy with the result).

So I totally have the whole drum industry side of things covered. And while it is a hobby, it’s something that has opened up opportunities for me. It certainly didn’t hurt in helping me get this job. In addition to my graphic design, web design and video editing capabilities.

I also took over the reins of the Barbeques Galore Maitland Facebook Page. After a week the people “talking about this” went from 100 or so, up to 3,000. I don’t expect it to stay that high, if it hovers around 25% of the Likes I’ll be happy. I’m doing about 4 posts per day (I’m only doing 1 a day on Shush BBQ) so it gives me plenty of opportunity to engage with the audience.

The Differences between Instagram and Facebook

Instagram allows you to find and connect with an audience in a way that Facebook doesn’t. With Facebook you’re pretty much waiting for people to find you. On the other hand, with Instagram you can find people who have the same interest as you simply by doing a hashtag search. Instagram’s strength is in its ability to connect with people, and for Facebook Pages it’s the sharing.

toilet drum for drummingcoJust a couple of weeks back I took a photo of my toilet and posted it on a new Facebook Page I made and that photo has had over half a million views possibly making it Australia’s most famous toilet on the internet?

The funny thing is the practice pad, the stand and the bass pad were all pulled out of the dumpster at the back of the @thedrumshop last year. Those things went from being thrown out and heading to landfill to becoming loved and shared over 5,500 times.

To Wrap It Up

That’s a bit of background on me and what my aims are with the Facebook and Instagram accounts I am running for the business. I am starting from scratch with the barbeque industry, but as I have found with the drum industry, networking with other pages certainly helps.

To contact us re doing social media management work for your business email or call 1300 321 814.


Social Media Marketing Ideas

Social Media Logos

2014 started as an exciting year for Social Media and it is essential to stay on top of things for new social media marketing ideas you can use in your own strategies.

Social Media Marketing is big business and we thought you could get some insights from our list of the 20 Social Media Marketing Ideas for 2014.

Google +
People may have ignored Google+ but it’s definitely something to pay attention to. With Google+ being backed up by the giant search engine, and its increased user base, there’s no doubt of it becoming a dominator in the social media scene. If you don’t have a business account on Google+ yet, I suggest you make one now as it’s going to be much bigger in 2014.

Images and Photo Sharing
Images are going to get even hotter this year. Visual content will stay on top of ruling the world of social media and social media networks will utilize them even more as they become an important part of any strong content strategy.

Content Sharing
Most everyone is expected to do social media this year as social media awareness has reached and is embraced by almost everyone. Getting your content shared will definitely help your search rankings.

Investments in Social Media
Businesses nowadays will not be complete without an online presence. Sharing and spreading the news about your brand or product has never been easier with the help of the different social media platforms around. Businesses add social media in their marketing strategy as it has become a necessity in keeping their businesses on the social market.

Image Sharing Sites
Image sharing sites will continue to be a hot item and you’ll see new ones pop up everywhere. Images compliment the written context and they are more likely to be shared than just something with text only. So be on the lookout for the newbies that could be giants and incorporate them in your strategy.

More and more of your audience will consume your content on their mobile devices. Your blogs and images have to be viewable on smartphones and tablets. You also need to be comfortable with how your social networks operate on smartphones or tablets and this is a new comfort level that you need to have.

Creating great content to drive back traffic to your site is going to remain a great way to generate new leads. Blogging will continue to generate new business for you.

Video Content
Consumers will still turn to video content to watch and learn about almost anything. Include them in your marketing plan as we expect many more viral videos to hit the web, especially now that they are easy access on mobile phones and tablets.

Customer Service
More customer service will be handled via social media. It is not going to go away and it’s only going to get bigger. Expect more interaction from customers via social media platforms like Facebook and make sure that you are there to respond promptly to all their queries and comments.

No Spammy Contents
Google started it and now Facebook is following suit. Spammy content will not get you anywhere, and the big sites are smart enough to know this now. Always create valuable and informative content that customers will appreciate.

Social Channels
Treat each of your social channels as a separate unit. Take note of your follower demographic on each channel and make sure your content appeals to them.

Game Plan
Having a game plan is vital in achieving your goal. You need to have a strategic social media marketing plan to succeed in this business. Never stop learning and researching on new ideas which you can combine with your own strategy.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts
Social media management platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck can help you manage your social media accounts. Scheduling posts, monitoring and managing your social feeds will give you more time to accomplish other duties.

Check Your Stats
Make time to review your metrics. It’s very important to know what and what’s not working on your social media accounts. This will help reduce major headaches, wasted time and more importantly, money. You need to be able to know which social media does not work and spend time on the ones that are actually bringing people to your website, or the ones that may convert sales or customers in some other way.

Consumers rely on social networks for review before making a purchase. Listen to what people are saying about you and look for opportunities to engage with your most loyal fans whenever you get the chance.

Ambassadors and Online Influencers
One of the most influential ways to get in front of customers is through word of mouth marketing. Your customers can be your biggest brand advocate and when your loyal customers spread the word for you, it opens up doors for a new audience who might be potential customers.

Focus On the Audience You Have
Understand your audience and connect with them. Focus on your content and grow your audience organically.

Find Prospects Online
Don’t overlook the unexpected online opportunities for prospects. Research and understand where you’re most likely to find prospects which you can use to your advantage. Twitter for instance is an excellent resource for finding prospects online.

Provide Value
Providing value to your customers is what matters today. In order for people to stay engaged, they have to recognize value from your brand.

Customer Appreciation
Show customers you care by providing words of appreciation. Don’t forget to thank your customers for their loyalty and make sure to use their feedbacks as guides for improvement.

Rupert Murdoch on Twitter

rupert murdoch twitter
Recent interview with our social media management director Stewart Dawes by Farz Edraki of …
1. How would you assess Murdoch’s Twitter performance? 
Love him or loathe him, Murdoch is one of the few people helping Twitter remain vaguely interesting. Twitter has become a dead platform for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people as the massive migration of focus onto Instagram and also sadly back to Facebook continues. Murdoch is using it true-to-type – old school editorialising where instead of full-column newspaper editorials, his key messages are reduced to just 140 characters. He’s giving us bite-size daily opinions perfect for our fast-food constitutions.
Murdoch’s tweeting seems like an extension of his thrill for greater engagement with people-at-large which I suspect was spurred by his TV performance in the phone-hacking scandal. Twitter gives the irascible, table-thumping Murdoch of that enquiry a means by which to ongoingly explain himself to the audience who chooses to regard him as relevant, even fascinating. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his parliamentary TV appearance was in 2011 and he started tweeting in 2012.
If he offends a few groups along the way, all the better for News Corp. It gives the corporation an edgy, human face and moves discussion ever-further away from 2011’s embarrassments.
What tips would you give him if he came to you for advice?
While it would be more pleasant for the twitterati if Murdoch engaged in conversation, like most celebrities he pretty well uses it for one-way expression only. Understandable as he would likely receive thousands of tweets directed at him daily. So there’s very little scope for him to change his broadcaster approach.
Overall my advice to Murdoch would be to not change at all. We’re getting this one-off glimpse of an influential 82-year-old tycoon, still working when most his age have passed away – an ever-more lonesome icon of the 20th Century having a last series of rages at the dimming of the light. His messy double spaces after fullstops, or spaces before commas add to the chaotic tone. What’s he going to tweet next? No idea, though it will be cantankerously right-of-centre.
Given the fact that Murdoch has rarely been the most loved of human beings, I’d hardly be advising him to bother being more loveable.
2. Murdoch’s quite open on Twitter. Does that help his personality and profile? Are there any associated risks?
It’s a great opportunity to show the public that behind the monolithic News Corp and Fox brands is a thinking, fearless human being who regards himself as a newspaper man first-and-foremost, and a commercial tyrant second. His profile was so poor after the News of the World scandal he could hardly make it worse, so bizarrely Twitter is helping him rehabilitate his public image prior to his passing from this world. Maybe we’ll remember him more for his tweeting than the ugly hackings done under his watch?
As for associated risks, some shareholders at News Corp probably have the occasional sleepless night, but overall Murdoch is using a cut and thrust approach to public discourse to both defend his realm, offer bouquets to those he supports, and stir newfound loathing against perceived adversaries. I don’t see any offended Scientologists, “BBC lefties”, Rudd sympathisers or Muslims bothering to throw a pie in his face, or worse finish him off, when they’re figuring nature will do the job for them eventually.

3. Are there other media personalities – who are also uninhibited – that you could compare Murdoch to?

Not for my mind. Murdoch is fascinating for a variety of reasons but the aspect that makes him most unique, sorry to return to the subject again, is surely his octogenarianism. There’s a much shorter time-frame that he’ll be tweeting for. The Murdoch-tweeting phenomenon has that one-off historical quality to it. Myspace was an out-of-the-box Murdoch train-wreck, Murdoch on Twitter is feeling like a train wreck in extreme slow motion.

4. Do you see Murdoch’s twitter use as signalling the rise of “tweetorialising”?

Twitter put tweetorialising in the hands of the everyday person so I don’t see that tweetorialising is on the rise thanks to Murdoch or anyone else. We mere mortals on twitter dreamt that our thoughts could be something more than random suburban blips, we dreamt of hordes of followers lapping up our latest opine. But it was all too democratic. The white noise became unbearable. Now the everyday Joe or Jo is leaning towards visual mediums like instagram to glorify our anonymous existences in visual form. It’s mostly just celebrities and journalists who are still locked in a mortal dance on Twitter, feeding off the radiance of each other. It’s a shame because Twitter was thrilling at its peak, but it’s extremely dead compared to what it once was. No wonder Twitter’s hurrying to the stock exchange to get what illusory value it can before the lustre falls away.
So to me Murdoch’s late-adopter use of Twitter is symptomatic of the decay of the platform, the gloss is coming off its 140-character limitation and the forgettable nature of the billions of ideas traded in its abridged space. Instagram and Facebook both provide a lot more room for narrative and we humans are returning to our love of a well-told tale.

Kik For Business

kik for business management training sydney australia

Kik For Business: Can you use Kik Messenger for Business? What exactly is Kik? The newest hit on the universal messaging service scene is fast and simple so it’s not just handy for connecting with the people you love to talk to, but with a few group smarts, you can use it for business …

Has anybody asked you “What’s your Kik?” or said something like “Kik me!”? If you hear those words and you just remain clueless, then you are missing out on the latest trend to hit the messaging service apps.

Kik is one of the big players in the universal messaging service. All the other messaging apps would require a phone number to sign you up; Kik on the other hand is the only mainstream messenger that doesn’t require you to post your phone number. Your identity is based on a username to guarantee control over your privacy which proved to be a good concept since most users are not comfortable on posting their phone numbers on the internet. This idea also turned out to be a huge hit especially for the youth that have no phone numbers yet.

What’s great about this app is that it lets you cross-platform. Anyone running the app using iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other platforms can exchange text messages, forward photos, play games and view content over the service.

They have also integrated HTML5-powered apps called “Cards” which give users the capacity to experience the Messenger in a different way. These cards enable Kik to swiftly create and deploy cross-platform apps within the Messenger client that lets users find, watch and share YouTube videos, send images or create sketches all without exiting the app itself.

Because of these great features, Kik has also created a practical solution when it comes to business communication. Since Kik crosses throughout all major mobile devices, employees who don’t use the same mobile brand can still communicate and connect through business conferences and chats using the messenger service. This app has made communication with staff members in other countries possible and so easy.

The people behind Kik have designed a concept of immediacy where people can always get a hold of you when they need to – an approach that is perfect for business.

People also looking to connect on apps like Instagram or every mobile app with some public component provide their Kik usernames so people can get in touch with them to discuss business or just to communicate.

Of course it seems the dominant tribe on Kik is 11-13 years olds – a great target market for clients of ours such as iCutes who want that tweens to teens demographic – but is there anything wrong with Kik being used by this age bracket to get social?

Possibly two things:

1. Recent news about teenagers going missing after they connect with complete strangers on Kik for a start.

2. Within about two weeks of being on it, we were approached by a girl from the USA – seemed friendly – chat chat … two minutes later she’d flashed a pussy photo of herself up on-screen and barely a minute later was angling for us to join in some nude cybersex – while paying for the privilege of course. Just what the average 12-year-old boy might be looking for!

Nevertheless, don’t be left behind. See why it’s the next big thing and how you can integrate it into your own business. And the next time someone tells you “Kik me” you can go ahead and say “Kik me” too!

We plan to offer Kik Messenger for Business training as part of our social media workshops and also have begun Kik management and development for a number of small to medium Sydney businesses – email us to find out more.

Kik messenger app


Sharepoint Development

sharepoint development sydney

sharepoint development sydney

What the heck is Sharepoint and how can your company use it? We speak to Sydney-based Sharepoint developer and consultant Marcus Dervin, director of WebVine, about its uses …

By Catherine Blum

When did you first get interested in the internet and technology? Did you do a course in web technology? What course was it and where did you do it?

I completed my uni degree in 1994 and started working for Apple in 1995. That’s where I discovered Netscape 1.0 and the Internet. No-one even spoke about it in Ireland (where I am from) at the time, and I think there were only 50,000 websites at that time. I was enthralled, chatting to people from around the world, building my first website, it was really exciting

Were there other sharing applications that you were initially interested in or worked with before you discovered SharePoint?

I worked with all the usual web applications – dreamweaver, photoshop and then worked with a lot of CMS products – Vignette, Kentico, WordPress, Joomla etc.

What are some of  SharePoint’s best characteristics compared to other applications in its industry?

There’s no other application that quite compares with SharePoint for its broad range and depth. It’s a platform more than an application, as you can develop applications on it as well as use its many features.

Document management, business intelligence, content management, search, forms, workflows, Sharepoint has it all.

What size companies can benefit from using SharePoint?

I think to get the most from sharepoint, rather than just using it for documents, you really need to run an intranet on it with automated processes, dashboards etc so a company with at least 30 staff upwards.

Does it require training to use it? How much staff training is required to get people working on it?

General users do not need training, its like visiting any website. But authors need training, no more than half-day, and power users would need 2-3 days.

What is a typical scenario for a company using SharePoint e.g. how do they use it?

It’s the home page when staff open their browser, and typically has company news, a staff directory, HR section with ability to apply for leave. It can have social information, there’s no end to the content that can go on sharepoint.

Then many companies use it for document management, so all of their documents are stored there rather than on the share drive.

The benefits of this are many – version control (it keeps a history of changes so you don’t need to duplicate files), email a link to a document instead of attaching the document (so not creating more copies), using search and metadata to find documents rather than a million nested folders – and more.

Then you have forms and workflows for automating processes, so instead of using paper forms to get things approved, you get forms on the intranet, tasks are sent to the appropriate people to approve and go to the next stage. This can cater for complex processes or simple ones.

Some companies then start using Business Intelligence features, displaying information from other systems into SharePoint in a dashboard, so management can see how sales are going – without anyone preparing reports, even if it’s from another system altogether.

To find out more click this link:

Sharepoint Development

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Linen Sheets Australia

social media management parramatta sydney

Linen is made from yarn spun from the flax fibres. Heavier and more textured than cotton, it creates a fabric that is polished with a very unique drape. It’s a durable material and with proper care will last for years.

It’s not hard to understand why people fall in love with linen. Apart from its natural and authentic beauty, linen is robust, absorbent, and gets better and softer with age. Linens are fabric household goods intended for daily use such as bedding, tablecloths and towels. There are tons of uses for linen around the home and here’s a few where it is mostly utilized:

Simply Linen Classic bed 800 pxBedroom
In the bedroom, linen is used in the form of bed sheets, blankets, duvet covers and pillow cases. Our bedroom is our sanctuary, our refuge, where we revel in luxury and experience heavenly comfort. Isn’t it great to jump in a freshly cleaned pure linen sheets perfectly waiting for you everytime? The feeling of a pure, natural fabric like linen against your skin is a pure luxury on its own, and on a hot summer’s night, there’s nothing else you’d rather sleep on! Pure linen in the bedroom provides the perfect setting for a tight, revitalizing, luxurious sleep – the only problem is…getting up!

tableclothDining Room
The dining table is the central piece of the dining room. It would be great to protect it and prolong its life for as long as possible and that’s where the combination of table linen, placemat and napkin comes in. Aside from decorative purposes, they also serve as the first line of defense for your dining table. Linen, being the most durable fabric, protects your dining table from steaming hot dishes or contacts with hot or cold utensils and even drippings from food or drinks. Napkins are there to use for wiping food from your face (which I’m sure you already know).

Linen is the most durable natural fibre which makes it ideal for taking on the dirty work. Its features really come into play in the kitchen – lint free, highly absorbent, and can be used instead of paper towels. It is used for cleaning, drying dishes, or to simply dry your hands, and the best part is you can wash and reuse it over and over again!

Linen is also useful in the bathroom and with its plush soft feel, it makes the most luxurious robes and bath towels, and because of its absorbency it is also engineered to capture water faster.

Linen’s popularity is increasingly growing with each year.  The incomparable comfort and quality of cool, strong, smooth pure linen is undeniable and that is probably the secret of its popularity.

Linen Sheets Australia has been making a buzz on the pure linen industry. They have been supplying customers with pure bed and table linen products perfect for special occasions. They are also an online store so that makes it even more convenient.

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Social Media Management

social media management

social media management2In today’s digital age, business relationships have evolved. The best way to adapt to these changes and trends is through social media management. Staying current on today’s marketing strategies can help boost your business so that you get that advantage in reaching out and engaging with your customers.

Almost everyone is now onto social media. It is the best channel to check out news, information and pretty much every craze that is being buzzed about. Social media is so powerful and should never be underestimated. If you want your business to get that push and to really get it out there, participating and getting involved would be your best bet.

Social Media is playing a big role in today’s world. The public has relied much on social media to stay on top of things that are happening around the globe. It has become a great channel to get timely updates and gather information from potential customers, as well as the latest market shifts and shopping trends which you can use to better promote your products and services.

Social Media Management can greatly impact your business. If done right, well-administered campaigns in giant sites like Facebook and Twitter can raise your sales as well as your customer relations.

Remember that your profiles have to be kept up-to-date and present. Posting fresh and informative content to your social media networks can create interest and attract new customers. It is important to always have relevant information put out there. Engaging with your audience is also crucial as it can help attract potential customers while keeping your current customers happy.

Today, the volume of social media avenues has risen. Handling a business can be a handful and tracking, interacting, monitoring and effectively managing your social media networks can be a time and labour-intense process.

Social media management solutions can help you execute online interactions as well as other business marketing activities in a more efficient manner. They also assist you to keep an eye on what people say about your business and help you intensify your social media presence across various social networking sites.

Learn more about social media management and let your business profit from this essential marketing strategy.


Is Your Social Wrong? Paul Keung

social media management sydney

By Paul Keung.

Despite the revolutionary changes to our social realm in just the last few years, still very few business owners comprehend the importance of running ongoing effective social media management campaigns. These days people are not listening to radio as much because they have Youtube, they’re still watching TV but equally they can stream their favourite shows online.

The  way you advertise your business has changed and in my view that change will last decades at least.

It didn’t happen overnight, it’s been like this for years, if you’re only now becoming aware of this, you may be lagging far behind your competitors  when it comes to showing your brand off.

A lot of companies take the simple route, let’s pay for online advertising. Let’s just pay and it’s done. If this is your thinking, welcome to the dark side of internet. For one people have gotten really good at ignoring ads. Then you have programs like Adblock, a piece of software which removes all advertisements, including pre-Youtube videos etc so many customers will simply never see your advertisement.

So depending on the demographic you’re chasing, it’s likely many of them have already ignored you, prior to you even getting out there.

People have completely flipped how advertising works, before you’d try and get them to remember you, now they vet your advertisement and decide whether or not their friends would like to see it, before showing it to them.

So now you’re having to appeal to people on a different level, you’re actively having to be in a social mindset while at work. Most business owners aren’t very good at balancing the two. They just want to briefly act social and then start measuring the dollars within a week or two.

Outsourcing your social media activity continues to make better sense as the ever-more smarter and savvier thing to do – as there’s just so much to keep innovating at the forefront of. This might make you think, are these guys just getting to be social butterflies all day? Yes. Obviously. They’re like professional friends. Cool friends who like your brand and tell people about it.

If this still doesn’t make sense to you, you’re going to continue to run advertising which is ineffective, if something just clicked with you, you’re understanding how things are already running well and truly – in your absence.

Paul Keung is a Christchurch New Zealand based social philanthropist, property investor, businessman and writer. His interests are living close to the land, digital communications, music, film, the arts and being a dad.

Stay in touch with Paul Keung via:
Twitter: @PaulKeung
Instagram: @PaulKeungChristchurch

Facebook Business Page Management

facebook business page management sydney australia

It’s easy to “manage” a Facebook business page – any mug can do it – but for small businesses, what really matters is “developing” their business page.

Most of the time when business owners tell me “we’re managing our business page in-house”, part of me grimaces at the thought of their in-house “social media manager” happily whiling away the hours on Facebook, doing the very occasional post to “prove” their worth, and then whiling away a few more hours on Facebook.

I don’t see too many jobs posted on or other recruitment sites for a social media developer, and yet this simple waywardness in semantics can make a significant difference to a company’s success or failure on social media.

While social media management is important – you need that daily presence even if you’re quite a small business – in fact more so – what ay small to medium business needs more than ever is social media development.

And a Facebook business page is – despite the stats showing 11 million Australians on Facebook – where social media “development” is the most difficult of all.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google+, indeed even LinkedIn, are far more open platforms where people are often there because they are more open and curious about “the world of social media” – so a full-scale development process can reap massive rewards.

But Facebook pages – they’re a dog.

Like owning a dog, you’ll get some love back from them – but return on investment?

Like a dog, you’ll need to feed them once or twice a day.

Like a dog, you need to take them for a daily walk around the neighbourhood so they can piss on other people’s posts.

And most gallingly, like a dog, Facebook has got your business page cooped up behind four walls – stuck in suburban solitary – for most of the day.

Your Facebook page is stuck in backyard confinement – you can’t directly approach your Facebook fans, etc etc – so many things a Facebook fan is not permitted to do.

Delivering audience growth through legitimate, quality means is what we specialise in – we take your dog for a daily walk to achieve visibility, but we do far more than that.

Words By: Stewart Dawes delivers Facebook and social media training to corporates, government and universities. Email 

If you’re serious about your company being a success on Facebook and the other social media platforms, call 1300 321 814.

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30 Reasons To Do Pinterest

pinterest for business training management sydney australia

Pinterest is one of the big players in the social networking sites today, and is very effective in strengthening your brand recognition. If you haven’t discovered it, now is the time!

There are multiple reasons to do Pinterest and here are 30 of them.

  1. Pinterest is here to stay! Pinterest, which has recently launched Pinterest Web Analytics to illustrate its impressive statistics, has been valued at $7,700,000,000 by Forbes.
  2. It continues to grow fast! Pinterest surpassed 10 million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. In March 2013 it’s estimated to have 640,000 Australian users, up by 30,000.
  3. Its referrals traffic, when targeted, is very worthwhile! It appeals to college-educated females age 25 to 44, a sweet demographic for retailers if ever there was one.
  4. Pinterest drives sales directly from its website — of people with Pinterest accounts, 21% have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest. (Sources: comScore and Nielsen). Pinterest shoppers spend more, buy more items, and make more purchases than other social media buyers including Facebook and LinkedIn according to comScore.
  5. It’s Easy! Pinning uses up less than one calorie per pin!
  6. It’s (still) easy to share … even though Pinterest has moved the Twitter button it used to have available at the moment of pinning(!) which means we can’t kill two birds with one stone.
  7. It’s fabulous for recycling all your Instagram photos. Recycled content is king again!
  8. It doesn’t have to be boring! Pinterest doesn’t have to be all shoes, shopping and images of cats – as the Epidi Curiosity Shop shows, it can even be shocking!!!
  9. Infographics reign supreme. Infographics are the new fast way of learning for the time-poor attention-deficient modern thinker.
  10. You can always edit your pins.
  11. You can follow people’s individual boards.
  12. Secret Boards! Develop ideas internally among staff or for in-house presentations (or for your secret dream wedding, even if you don’t have a boyfriend yet!)
  13. Love a Good Satellite! Just as Twitter spawned Tweetdeck, Twitpic, Vine and ManageFlitter, to name just a few, so Pinterest has spawned Share as Image, Pinstamatic, Pinerly & Pinpuff.
  14. Videos can also be pinned. Also check out the “best youtube videos ever” page.
  15. One pin can launch a company.
  16. It’s a great social media activity to do over a few glasses of wine.
  17. Increase your website’s virality. The sheer existence of Pinterest is a good reason to improve the images on your website so make your website more pin-friendly!
  18. Showcase your niches, showcase your knowledge! Pinterest allows people to express themselves through a blend of their many disparate interests. This allows you to not only find out about new & different market segments, but see the relationship between differing markets and segments. You can further divide your content & offerings into segments within your market. E.g. a garden store might have a board for different gardening tools, flowers, vegetables, & other reader-generated needs.
  19. Its SEO properties are – at this time – the best of all social media.
  20. It’s a fantastic personal and professional image library and its search facilities aren’t too bad also.
  21. Pinterest can be inspirational! Create boards about things you love.
  22. Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs than Twitter.
  23. It can help secure your brand name. Do it now before it’s too late!
  24. It is free!!! Who doesn’t love free advertising? The best part is other people help you advertise when they re-pin your pins!
  25. Pinterest lets you express yourself!
  26. Pinterest can showcase your brand’s best features visually enticing potential clients. Most people buy with their eyes. So if it looks good, they would want them!
  27. Pinterest elicits random PR.
  28. It’s a great way to engage with your audience.
  29. Pinterest is another window to connect with the world giving you more access to a huge market.
  30. Pinterest can give you inspiration for new ideas or useful information that you can practice in your own business or personal style. Inspire and get inspired!