Instagram is important for any business in developing a visual presence for your company.

You’re probably aware that people learn in different ways, in the same way they also respond to your brand marketing depending upon how it’s served to them.

Some people just love being able to see you’re a real business with real people behind it.

Instagram ManagementHaving an online visual presence gives the customer confidence by showing them, in a format they can see and identify with, that you are not only on top of what they need done, but that you can be a business that actively engages and identifies with them.

Your top 3 benefits of creating your visual presence are the following.

Giving visuals to customers helps them to relate to your brand in a new way and improve your advertising potential.

You reach groups of people which traditional marketing methods may miss, helping to grow your marketing base.

You’re actively engaging them in ‘silent’ marketing, they don’t feel as though you’re pushing an advertisement on them, meaning they’re likely to respond in a positive way.

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Instagram News

The modern world loves to measure things. Science is all about the measurement of matter in its many guises. Businesses have always wanted to be able to measure the effectiveness of their marketing. Social media platforms provide those numbers via likes and followers in their various algorithmic set ups. Indeed, Generation Y and Millennials have grown up measuring the exact number of their ‘so called’ friends. Individuals with large followings have been tagged as ‘influencers’ and their beneficence is much sought after, by those wishing to be cool and popular in the digital age. Reports of late have found that there is a one in ten chance that the Instagram influencer you have ben following is a fake or ‘Instaliar’.

Instaliar: Pants On Fire

What is the world coming to when you cannot trust the internet? When a new measuring stick is brought on the scene there will always be those who try and cheat the system. Business is full of people looking for short cuts. If a product, place or service wants to launch with a bang, then, instant friends and followers are wanted in bulk. Now, we have Hypetap to spoil the party for all those fakers out there in social media land. Hypetap has algorithms which audit Instagram accounts to reveal low quality or dodgy audiences. Disreputable marketing agencies have been purchasing fake followers from nefarious parties operating on the fringes of the SEM realm for their clients to boost their Instagram numbers.

Fake followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, can include spam accounts and bots. Disengaged audiences involve those who no longer engage with the platform. Instagram has officially stated that they ”encourage authentic interactions on their platform.” Fraudulent behaviour damages the brand, and, unfortunately, the internet is full of fraudulent behaviour. 523 000 fake accounts are detected and blocked daily on Twitter for example.

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