Pinterest Management & Development for Business

Pinterest is important for any business in developing a visual presence for your company.

It’s similar to Instagram but helps engage a slightly older demographic, and it is growing like wildfire!

pinterest managementWe’ve found that primarily Pinterest engages with people in the middle of the day, and you’re looking at a demographic primarily consisting of female mothers, with 28% having a household income of over $100k.

This is a dream come true target market for business looking to promote their products to customers who will buy!

By using visual messages, you’re connecting with these potential customers in a way that shows your business is fun and adventurous, while also showing that you’re a real operation with real people behind it, which is irresistible to some customers.

Your top 3 benefits of using Pinterest are the following.

You get to talk directly with a demographic of decision makers who on average spend more time pinning than using Facebook, meaning your messages have more impact!

Pinterest attracts the kind of customers who not only can afford your services, but they’re usually also decision makers in the household.

You’re engaging prospects on their own turf, helping to interact with customers on a personal basis. This gives you a level of rapport before even interacting on a business basis.

To begin building a visual presence that targets the right people, start a conversation with us today!

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