Social Media Risks and Security in Australia

How secure is your use of social media online? Many of us use social media to interact with friends, family and acquaintances, but just how secure is our use of that medium? We have probably all heard stories about bosses monitoring their workers Facebook pages and people getting sacked for posting information and/or opinions about the business they work for. And those who take ‘sickies’ and then post pictures of themselves having a good time when they are supposed to be ill.

Are you releasing far too much information into the public sphere without considering the use of it by nefarious types? Burglars, who might be casing your joint, watching your street, can now find out about your impending holiday online with not too much trouble. Defrauders, who are everywhere on the internet, can plan strategies tailored to your hobbies and interests gleaned from social media. Social media posting can lead to defamation action if you are not careful. Every digital footprint that you leave is increasing your potential exposure to crime and unwanted attention.

Is it more risky for women than men? Women, generally, have more to fear than men from online stalkers and sexual perverts. Obsessed men watching your every move, can now, also track your social habits and activities. Innocent behaviour posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs can lead to unwanted attention by weirdoes. It is sad that we must consider these security issues when we are sharing online. Be careful with online dating because most people are not who they appear to be in this sphere. But what about kids and paedophiles? Yes there instances of online grooming using social media like YouTube.

Remember to lock up your property in the real world and protect your identity in the digital realm. Contact a locksmith if you do not have adequate security measures in your home, business or car. Better to be prepared for any eventuality than to blithely ignore the awful things that you hear on the news and read in the papers. Social media and security risks in Australia are very real and police are asking people to pay heed to their warnings.

The Internet is a desensitised world, meaning that you cannot trust your normal senses in this electronic digital universe. You are presented with images claiming to be this man or woman, but you don’t know who is really behind them. Stories are concocted and posted online, but they are often untrue. You cannot trust the data before your eyes and you cannot smell a rat online. Your ability to evaluate body language is completely blind online. Remember that and be prepared.