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Are escorts on twitter? And what other social media do they use?

The social web is an influential marketing tool for businesses to effectively reach target consumers. A lot of people and businesses now understand the power of the social web and one of the earliest adopters, the sex industry has quickly embraced this new and exciting technology.

Sex sells and some men and women are willing to go to the extent of buying it. There’s a sheer volume of sex services advertised on the internet and one need not look far and wide just to find what they’re looking for.

Sex workers use social media to their advantage. The best social media platform for the sex industry is proving to be Twitter. Most escorts use Twitter because it is pretty open to adult entertainers using their service.

Take a closer look at Twitter’s policy regarding adult-themed content and you’ll be quick to learn that nudity or images of a sexual nature are not prohibited, lewd or pornographic images on your profile photo, header photo, or user background however is prohibited. So as long as you keep your private bits off those three areas, you’re good to go.

Other social media platforms may not be the best place for escorts as they have stricter guidelines. Facebook for instance have a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic and explicit sexual content and also enforces limitations on the display of nudity.

Twitter is a great place for escorts to make personal connections with customers and possible clients. By interacting with them in a more casual context, escorts can show their personality and character. Escorts can also keep their old and new clients interested by tweeting naughty messages and sensual photos.

Twitter has also provided escorts a place where they can build relationships with their fellow escorts, a place where they can share their insights, have conversations, provide help and support, share advice and get helpful information.

The sex industry has been quick to grasp the strength of creating and fostering a community on the social web. In the escort industry, the social web provides people looking for pleasure a sneak peak of what they want with a degree of confidentiality.

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