Social Media Strategy

Strategy Over Coffee
It’s one thing to bumble along on social media and strike it rich – happens all the time right?

The reverse, sorry to say, is more often than not closer to the truth.

When we first meet with potential clients we even say to them that based on their current knowledge of social media and willingness to think of social media as little more than a problem they wish would go away, they’d best expect even a fairly robust social media effort to return zero ROI.

Strategy across multiple social media platforms? That’s what’s required, with consistency built in every step of the way.

Strategy helps you define ahead of time what to expect from each given post.

It enables you run a big picture narrative that seeps into the subconscious of your readers / target audience.

What about your network? Who’s your allies? Who will repost or retweet your material? Are you part of a social media club that will empower your brand with cheerleading?

Cheerleading is one of the most vital aspects of social media, and something which our company specialises in manifesting for you from day 1.

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