Promoting Franchise Businesses Using Social Media

There are two sides to every franchise business. One, the franchisor promoting franchise opportunities to potential franchisees. Two, the franchisee promoting their branch to their customers and market. Social media can help achieve both these aims economically and effectively. Beginning firstly with the franchisor, there are enormous opportunities on the various social media platforms to reach potential franchisees. Social media is a conversation, it is a forum, a virtual place where you can express ideas and opportunities. You can receive feedback from interested parties on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest, to name the main players in the game. Promoting franchise businesses using social media makes a lot of sense.


Franchise Businesses Can Market Via Social Media


A franchise business that’s appealing as family-friendly will have great drawing power for potential franchisees. So many new franchisees are attracted to owning businesses which provide family life/work balance. Many of them have exited the corporate world because of its heavy daily and hourly demands upon its workers. It may pay well, but it puts a strain on personal and family lives. To become your own boss and work your own hours is a very appealing factor in becoming a franchisee. Social media can promote this feature to prospective franchisees.


Social Media Can Supercharge Franchise Opportunities


Deft social media management can promote your franchise business to a market and community ripe for opportunities. The Internet allows you to reach a large audience of interested parties; if you are presenting the right content on social media and managing it adeptly, the world is your oyster. The growing interest in food businesses such as catering, is one prime example of social media’s ability to attract new customers and to tell customers about your franchise. You can find out what customers think about your business. Market research is rife on Facebook and other platforms.



Social Media Management is Essential


Once you have your own franchise branch, you want to promote your own particular outlet to your market, and social media is ideal for that. Geographical locations, combined with your franchise brand name, will target the customers in your locale. Social media management is essential for promoting businesses via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. It takes a daily commitment to posting and responding to your followers, if you are to make your social media a real winner for your franchise business. You can build stronger relationships with all the stake holders in your business through this medium.