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linkedinLinked In has more than 6 million Australian users and 450 million globally. It is the primary social media platform for B2B commerce.

Our B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Management Services leverage the power of LinkedIn to help your business generate leads and set appointments with your ideal business customers. We help you build your “Know, Like and Trust” factor, get you in front of your ideal customers, connect with them and then meet them face to face.

Our clients love what we do because it helps them run an end to end social media marketing and sales campaign where they can measure the return on their investment.

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Management Solution

1. Establish Your Ideal Customer

We first work with you to establish a profile of your ideal customer. We use our own 8 Step Process to help you identify and create a profile of your ideal customer.
Our 8 Step Process involves defining your product or service, competitor analysis, customer demographics analysis, customer buying decision making process and then creating a profile of your ideal customer.

By the end of the process, you will have a very clear picture of your ideal client which will help create a more focused marketing and sales strategy.

2. We Build Your Know Like and Trust Factor

In B2B online transactions it is important that your profile instils confidence in the people you are targeting. People will only do business with people they Know, Like and Trust.

As a lot of transactions are initiated online these days, we optimise your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your authority, expertise and understanding about your relevant field to build trust within your target audience.

We further enhance your profile by regularly sharing relevant status updates and publishing original content to further demonstrate your expertise to your target market.

3. Establish Your Target Customers on LinkedIn

With the profile and attributes of your ideal customer, we compile a list of prospective target customers using Linked In’s search features based on:

  • Job Titles
  • Industries
  • Company Size
  • Company Name
  • Location
  • Keywords.

This list will be the basis for building your community on LinkedIn.

Linkedin logo4. Create Opportunities, Generate Leads & Set Appointments

We use the prospect list, to search, connect and initiate strategic conversations with your ideal customers.

As your lead generation community gets bigger, we continue to build your profile and relevance by sharing status updates and publishing original content with your community.

Through strategic conversations with your ideal customers, we build your lead generation community with the aim of eventually setting appointments with them either face to face, on skype or phone.

Linked In is a semi-medium to long term warm lead generation and sales channel. Because of this, the profile building, information sharing and lead generation community building is an ongoing and continuous process.

Enterprise Personal Profile Linked In Management+Development
Client examples: IBM, Telstra, HP, Oracle.
Monthly Fee: Prices On Application Depending on Services
We specialise in Linked In management services and Linked In profile development with a lead generation focus.
B2B Linked In Lead Generation and Appointment Setting.
We optimise your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your relevant field to build trust with your target audience.
Then we enhance your profile by sharing relevant status updates and writing and publishing original content to demonstrate your expertise to your community.
We compile a prospect list of 800 of your ideal customers using Linked In’s search features based on:
a. Job Titles b. Industries c. Company Size d. Company Name e. Location f. Keywords.
With your prospect list, we then search and help you connect and initiate strategic conversations with these 800 target customers, delivering around 20 connection requests per day.
Of the 800 target customers, on average we achieve 40% or around 320 successful connections.
From these 320 successful connections and at around the eight week mark, we request appointments either face-to-face or if you’re in Sydney, but your best prospects are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or New York, by Skype or phone.
On average, we achieve 20 successful appointment requests over the first 12-week campaign.
If a satisfactory or exemplary ROI is achieved from this 12-week campaign then continuation on a quarterly basis for the same monthly budget is recommended.
Includes management of your Linked In company account with 2 posts per week.
To find out more call us directly on 1300 321 814.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Linked In Service

1. Will you outreach to business owners in a vast array of industries, mainly centred on Australia and how many “connection requests” would your staff member do per day?

Us : We will find related connections and as you, send out 100 to 150 connection requests per day.

2. Will you initiate brief chats with the people who interact with my profile, possibly referring them to my websites and other social media profiles, eg Facebook?

Us : We will smartly use sales pitches and refer people to check your website and social media profiles. We will use call to action words so people willing to check your website and Instagram profiles can find out more about you and begin to trust your business brand and your personal brand. We will also make suggestions regarding website landing page optimisations.

3. If people ask questions about our services, would their questions be flagged to me for further correct correspondence?

Us: We will plan out some predefined question answers if we face new questions / queries we will flag them to you for further correspondence.

4. Will you be going through my existing lists of contacts and sending LinkedIn’s inmail to them asking if they need my services – then following up if they say yes, or thanking them for their time if they say no. How many of these outreach messages could I expect to be sent each week?

Us : Sure, we will check your existing lists and prepare convincing messages which describe your services. As you suggest if we find positive responses we will follow up and on negative responses and we will thank them courteously.

Generally we will do around 30 outreach messages per day.

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