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One of the most brilliant successes we’ve been involved with, apart from Bodytrim and the Actors Centre is our work with Sally Bray who runs a Tours From Sydney website.

Currently we’ve collaborated closely with her on optimising three websites the first targeted for Outback Australia the second for Blue Mountains Tours and the most recent for the more expansive phrase Tours From Sydney (while augmenting it with other sites as the last link illustrates).

The goal we sought with her Tours From Sydney website was for it to not rank well in Australia, but to achieve rankings overseas.

Through a range of precise step-by-step strategies this goal was achieved with a dramatic flow of enquiries from overseas instead of from within Australia.

If you need to rank a business generally overseas, or in a specific country or a region, contact us 1300 321 814 to discuss us running an SEO program for you along these lines.

While horizontally expanding her SEO reach we’ve also worked with her to create a Pinterest profile including once again a board dedicated to the Tours From Sydney catchphrase, eg

We’ve also collaborated on expanding a very popular Aussie Farmstay Facebook page with over 3,600 real Facebook fans or likers – no purchased fans there propping up her numbers.

Twitter is where we’ve been able to excel beautifully bringing her Australian Farmstay followers up to over 15,000 by use of our network which means she’s tying in Tweets with our other high-follower twitter accounts such as the Sydney Cafes account, Bars in Sydney, Bondi Chai, Dcider and the Health Arts College to name just five.

We sadly report, however, no progress on Instagram! Being old-school in just one last way, Sally refuses to get a smartphone!

At least though so far we’ve been able to get her some majorly premium links from high-traffic media websites such as Fresh Magazine and Sydney Cafes – delivering once again:

1. Sydney Cafes Tours From Sydney

2. Freshmag Tours From Sydney

Don’t believe the prevailing myth that SEO is Dead – it’s circulated by feeble yet very sneaky SEO providers who couldn’t get a decent ranking to save their lives – it’s done to justify their weakness but also once again to snare more unsuspecting clients who will already have their expectations lowered. In fact our clients are achieving stronger rankings than ever!

Reporting regularly on the progress of keyphrases such as tours from sydney, blue mountains tours, farmstay australia and outback tours is a vital way to measure the ratio between google rankings and return on investment – we’ve also been able to measure the currency of offsite SEO from over twelve media websites by a month-by-mopnth strategy taking australian farmstay from a third-page ranking onto a first-page above-the-fold consistent ranking based on the foundation of quality premium links from aged media websites. We don’t do blogs is our motto and the proof is in the rankings.

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