Twitter Management & Development for Business

twitter managementYou’ve heard of Twitter before, so has everyone. It is a microblogging platform with limited number of characters for posts also called tweets. It is popular, hip and trendy. It is the place where most of the short, punchy conversations on the internet happen. This is the very reason why it’s great for giving your brand punchy advertising to the widest audience.

Twitter’s target market is everyone! It’s almost unbelievable the kind of people you’ll find on here, plus the sheer size of Twitter provides your social media solution with an engine which drives traffic on your behalf. They say Facebook is where you connect with people you were at school with but Twitter is for those you wish you did. You can see what everyone’s been talking about on Twitter, that is unless you got blocked. Most people and companies sees results and real-time communication in Twitter more than any other platform.

We advise using Facebook as a Home Base. Then make Twitter the engine which drives traffic to your visual, interactive offerings. Use your links wisely to direct your followers to your website. This really helps to maximise your brand potential with customers.

Your top 3 benefits of using Twitter are the following.

You get to spread your brand messages over the widest possible marketplace. More customers listening means more business. Twitter has a very different set of audience. Even a person who uses both, uses them for very different things.  Twitter is the go to platform for real time information, updates and details. If you followed the right people, you know that sleep is not a word known in Twittersphere. Your home feed will be full of news, trends and pertinent industry details. You could also specify the location you would most like to be up to date on. Showing you local trends, news and more.

Twitter is the fastest moving conversation on the internet, getting involved means you’re part of the most dynamic conversation in the world. It is the platform most used for short story like threads. A thread is a short burst of tweets. It could be an expression of opinion, telling of a story or a repartee. Twitter is a favourite platform for brands that are known to exhibit wit and cleverness in crosstalk and wordplay with their followers.

Building a solid fan base here helps you to drive the maximum number of leads your way. Following someone on twitter will enable you to see their tweets in your feed. You can choose to retweet their microblog which can result to a mention from the source and maybe a follow back. This symbiotic actions can result to a wider reach and a bigger audience for your brand. Avid users of Twitter love the fact that it succinctly brings the most information in the shortest possible words making them see more updates from people they follow.

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