The Best 4 Treatments That Doctors Recommend for Back Pain in 2021

back pain treatment at home

If you are experiencing back pain, you probably know how miserable it feels. Whether it is spasms or persistent low back pain, aching neck might sideline you from your favorite activities and work. It is unfortunate that back pain is very common. Around eight of ten individuals suffer from back pain. Low back pain alone is accountable for nearly 3 million visits to the ER (emergency room) every year, and it’s the leading cause of disability globally.

Regardless of scientific research on how to treat back pain, most patients still get unnecessary treatment. Rather than being urged to continue working and staying active, some doctors advise patients to take rest. Luckily, a back pain treatment clinic will offer a choice of therapies while highlighting the risks and benefits of each. Some of the best treatments doctors recommend include:

  1. Cold and Heat Packs

Some studies prove that cold and heat are effective strategies to relieve your back pain. Ice packs are very beneficial when you use them directly after getting an injury, like a strain. Putting ice packs wrapped in a towel can reduce inflammation.

On the other hand, the cold also offers a numbing effect for intense and sudden back pain. You might use cold packs covered with a piece of cloth to protect your skin from frostbite. However, it would best to avoid applying ice for more than 15 minutes at a time.

  1. Restorative Sleep

Pain is one of the leading causes of insomnia. Lack of enough sleep might also make back pains worse. This vicious cycle can make it hard for you to get restorative sleep.

Getting restorative sleep is required for your body tissues to heal as well as recharge energy levels. If you find it hard to sleep, it can be important to address your pain and the factors causing it. Some doctors may also advise medications and lifestyle changes, depending on what disrupts your sleep.

  1. Physical Therapy

Exercise is the foundation of all chronic back pain treatments. As a matter of fact, it’s the first treatment you’ll need with the help of osteopaths, spine therapists, and other physicians in the field. The best osteopaths promote themselves with keywords to appear on the first page of Google, if not on top.

Many outdoor activities usually encompass one being physical, and by taking part in them, there is a likelihood you might get hurt. Apart from treatment and diagnosis, your osteopaths will offer you advice on living healthily through physical exercises.

  1. Injections

Based on the cause of your pain, if you’re experiencing sciatica, epidural injections can be useful. However, doctors don’t recommend injections in the spine for non-specific back pains.

If your pain is chronic and other treatments are not working, radiofrequency denervation, which uses a needle for treatment, can deal with the aching.

The Takeaway!

Back pain is a common issue, affecting approximately 80% of US citizens at one point in life. Some of them even experience more than one episode.

Back pain is also not a specific condition. Instead, it is an illness, which might happen from different processes. Depending on the type of pain you’re suffering from, ensure you talk to a specialist so as to recommend you the best treatment.

Five Reasons To Visit A Nutritionist In 2021

nutritionist advice

Without a doubt, good nutrition is part of good health. But how can you determine good nutrition? Well, the only way to achieve that is to visit a nutritionist. He or she will help you come up with healthy eating habits that can help you live a healthy life.

While visiting a nutritionist is a good idea, seeing a nutritionist who is also a naturopath is a bonus. With that said, let’s look at some of the incredible reasons to visit a nutritionist. Let’s get started!

  1. You have digestive issues

This is one of the most common reasons why people visit a nutritionist. Diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, constipation, and heartburn are common symptoms of digestive disturbance and are usually diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome [IBS]. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, it would be better to see a nutritionist as soon as you can. The nutritionist will identify the root cause of your discomfort.  He or she will even help you come up with a well-balanced meal plan that comprises food that your body can tolerate.

  1. Weight management

If you have been struggling with weight loss for a very long time, and you have even tried many diets, but there is no change, you should see a nutritionist. A nutritionist will help. There are so many factors that can contribute to weight gain, including hormone levels, family history, lifestyle, genetics, etc. A nutritionist can help get to the bottom of your weight issue. He or she will come up with a personalized meal plan and lifestyle program that perfectly fit you. The main goal here is to help you achieve your desired weight in a gradual, safe, and manageable way.

  1. You have eating disorders or you are picky when it comes to foods

If you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, you might find it overwhelming and unable to cope. At this point, you need to see a nutritionist who can help you recover and restore your health. An eating disorder can be in the form of anorexia nervosa where a person chooses to eat only certain foods with specific textures and colors. A nutritionist will help you through the transition back to usual whole foods diet.

  1. Meal planning

Of course, planning a meal can be quite challenging and this is why it should be left to experts. If you want to improve your diet to live a healthy life, you need to talk to a nutritionist. The internet is full of information on what is the best diet, but it is good to get sound nutrition information from the expert themselves. Health professionals marketing via SEO and Facebook advertising are more likely to reach a broader audience.

  1. You are pregnant or trying to get pregnant

It is also crucial to visit a nutritionist if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It can help optimize your health throughout your pregnancy.  The nutritionist will ensure that you get the nutrients you need for your health and the health of your baby.




Traditional Wedding Vs Modern Wedding: What’s the Difference?

Traditional Wedding Vs Modern Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important days in people’s lives. Every person has an idea of how they want their wedding to look like. However, couples can take advantage of the services by wedding planners. They have the expertise to find a suitable wedding theme for their ceremony. Read on to find out reasons to consider a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony when exchanging vows with your partner.

The Difference between Traditional and Modern Wedding

In modern times, couples are being creative in the type of wedding they like. Although the traditional ways are still viable, the current generation will prefer a ceremony that fits the couple’s style and preference. It’s like digital marketing vs traditional media advertising because you need to have a plan and prepare adequately for your special day if you want it to be successful. Let us look at both types of weddings to determine how they are similar to each other.

Traditional Weddings

These types of weddings differ according to culture, and they will focus on the couple’s heritage.  The ceremony is likely to be religious, and the guests can have a party to celebrate the marriage. When planning for a traditional wedding, it is critical to fuse the cultures of both partners. Here are some things to consider;

  • Religious beliefs; the ancient form of weddings will not necessarily base its theme on religion. However, there are likely to be affiliations to certain practices. The ceremony will incorporate religious readings before the couple can exchange vows and legitimize the union.
  • Attire; in western culture, the bride will have a veil over her head while the groom will most probably wear a 3-piece suit.


Modern Weddings

It is a conventional marriage that does not follow traditional procedures. Couples will opt to have a wedding planner give them themes for their ideal wedding. However, it is vital to have an idea that you can share with the experts. They can customize the ceremony according to a couple’s preference and liking. Here are some popular features;

  • Venue; there are limitless options to consider for the perfect location to host a modern wedding. Most couples opt to fulfill their desires by choosing the venue according to what they like. You can host such a ceremony at any location as long as you can afford it.
  • Dress code; couples can improvise on the attire they want to wear for their wedding. Brides are opting to go for colorful wedding dresses than the traditional white gowns.



Wedding ceremonies will cost differently, and it is vital to budget well for the day. Modern weddings are much cheaper than traditional ones since you can make it work using a small financial allocation. Ensure there is entertainment for the kids too.

Outback Travel Industry Social Media Strategies & Marketing

4x4 Tagalong Touring in Australia

The eyes of wandering Australians are firmly locked on our own wondrous interior in this time of Covid. International travel is taboo for the foreseeable future. Aussies with an itch for adventure are checking out the domestic tourism offerings. Therefore, outback travel industry social media strategies and marketing are paramount in 2021 and beyond. Do you have a plan to capitalise on this once in a generation opportunity? Can you seize this momentum to propel your outback adventure business into its finest hour? The ride might be bumpy, but the experience and the views are well worth the discomfort in the long run.

Domestic Market Booming for Outback Travel

4x4 Tagalong Exeprience in Australia

The Australian outback is a unique and savagely scenic place. Today’s tourist seeks an experience that can shake his or her ennui from its urban moorings. Extreme adventure beckons like a red flag to the bullish nature of our outback traveller. Social media and digital marketing provide the portals from which this domestic market can access your amazing tours and adventures. Developing an effective campaign is vital for your survival and success in this rapidly filling sector.  Life is too short to miss out on this timely opportunity. Seize some expert assistance in this realm and make hay whilst the sun shines on the outback of Australia.

Digital Marketing Moves for Aussie Adventure Travel


One example is this website with 4×4 tag along in its name. Getting the rights tools and instruments in place makes attracting attention easy via social media. Reach your audience with some professional help and maximise your marketing dollars. Outback travel industry social media strategies and marketing will ensure that you follow the right path to reach your destination. Too many players fall by the wayside through inexperience in the modern marketing realm. Make your business journey a successful one and full of paying customers.

The instagram marketing of great travel photos can make a world of difference to your bottom line. Social media platforms love images and photos. Ouback travel is full of arresting images. It is a match made in heaven, when put into the right hands. Expertise in this form of digital marketing can shine a powerful light on your operation to the delight of thousands of interested viewers around Australia. Reach more clients directly via their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Inspire restless Aussies looking for an escape from their 9 to 5. Put outback travel on their map right now.

Best Marketing Ideas for Electrician’s Business in 2021

Best Marketing Ideas for Electrician’s Business in 2021

Every electrician offers essential services to the customers. Still, most of the electricians are competing for the same customers. For all those out there in the middle, they must ask on the crucial question – is the business getting noticed adequately. If it is not, investing in the best marketing ideas for electrician’s business would be an ideal decision to make.

Digital marketing has become extremely crucial for every any given business. Implementing strong and effective marketing strategies let businesses to get noticed in a virtual sea of the electricians offering similar kind of services.

Create a Stunning Business Website

Research report suggests that almost 97% of customers find local services through the internet. So, there is a possibility that your website gets the first interaction prospect from potential clients. Make sure to have a user-friendly interface for your website.

The loading page of the website should be less than 0.5 seconds. If it increases that, the bounce rate will also increase. Reports suggest that around 40% of the customers leave because of the poor loading speed of a website.

Create a Strong Brand Name

Having a strong brand name will certainly influence the overall electrical digital marketing campaigns by creating awareness, reputation, credibility, and client satisfaction. Try to understand the requirement of the clients and create strategies accordingly to grab their attention.

Focus on Local SEO

Focussing on local SEO is considered as one of the most effective and affordable marketing techniques that ensure the best results. The strategy takes the brand in the front of the vast audience base. There are different types of strategies that you can do to enhance the visibility of the brand like

  • Research and knowing about the local adversaries
  • Auditing essential citations for online directories
  • Market research in the service area
  • Creating new citations
  • Tracking down the monthly volumes and search terms
  • Managing local listings

It would be best to use a content marketing agency or professional digital marketing expert to make the most of this opportunity as they are well aware of how to achieve better results for a brand.

Virtual Consultations

There are several electrical contractors getting their name out there for offering virtual consultations. Doing this is very effective if you are an electrician most of the people have issues in their homes, and they want to get it resolved easily.

Don’t miss to make use of all the platforms available for online virtual consultations and let people know that you offer the same facility. Make it public on social media platforms, business cards, Yelp profiles, and many other places where customers have access.

Remain Active on Social Media

Many electrical contractors think if social media is worth it or not. In reality, social media does have a great impact on the overall popularity of a business. Leverage social media’s power and target clients one on one through social media ads and promotional campaigns. Promoting high revenue emergency electrical services also happen through social media channels.

Six Strategies To Increase Your Social Media Following

social media strategy sydney increase your following instagram facebook twitter

You can expect MICHAEL AUTHOR to speak the TRUTH about these Six Ways to Increase Your Social Media Following …

1) Spread a perspective that activates people’s fear response.
If you’re going to employ this strategy it’s important to note that your humanity, your personal life, and any emotions other than disgust, outrage, cynicism and anger have no place on your page. The more you can help people collude WITH YOU and AGAINST the enemy/competing perspective, the more your content will be shared in fringe communities and by the weak-minded.
Popular topics to address: Global politics, feminists, antifa, BLM, vaccines, 5g, trump, mask-wearing. Bonus points if you do something shocking and antagonistic on a Facebook Live.

2) Create numbered lists.
Numbered lists activate people’s biological CRAVING for certainty and direction. Particularly now, we’ve got a boatload of people craving certainty, so numbered/bullet-pointed lists will appeal to the masses like never before.
Remember: The number is arbitrary. If you are following strategy 1) the more on your list the better because it creates a sense of OVERWHELMING fear rather than just slight fear, which will cause people to share your content even more fervently.

3) Critique other highly visible online influencers.
The only thing that will increase your following faster than spreading a fear-based perspective is to activate people’s disgust and hatred of others who hold different perspectives from them.
There’s a trick to this one. Even if what the other person is saying makes a lot of sense, you must reduce their position to absurdity and then attack the absurd position rather than their ACTUAL views. In logic, we call this a Straw Man argument. This tactic serves two purposes:
A) Baiting the other influencer into engaging, which enhances your credibility.
B) Taking full advantage of being the second-mover. In online arguments, the person who RESPONDS SECOND gets the last word. That’s why in rap, “dis” videos are so popular. Most people stop listening to the first-mover after a successful, scathing, critique. Or they’re drawn into the drama. Either way benefits you.

This one is obvious. If people love boobies, you win. If they get offended by boobies you also win because they tell others you showed your boobies distastefully, which gets you more eyeballs.
Obviously, it’s a bit harder if you don’t have tits. You can compensate by being extremely silly and expressive. Sorry, I know it’s not a good replacement but it’s the best you’ve got. Unless you have a man-bun, or really striking tattoos. Those are about equivalent to having tits in terms of personal draw.

5) Don’t be too intelligent/insightful. Instead, be powerful.
Power is demonstrated by how efficiently you cut down anyone who disagrees with you.
Remember: Your audience is, ideally, stupider than you are. It’s important that you speak only to people who will have something to gain from listening to your brilliance.
You must be prepared to demonstrate that brilliance, and you want to TURN OFF the people who are smarter than you to begin with by offering them nothing of value, insulting them, and resorting to ad hominem attacks. Try to sell them on your program and insult their intelligence when they choose not to join If they refuse to be bullied by your tactics, you can just block them.
6) Post pictures of your really hot girlfriend.

You can enjoy the genius of Michael Author by following him on Facebook.

Social Media Destroying Mental Health: Sociopathic Media & Economics

social media mental health meme sydney

Social Media Destroying Mental Health

By Philip Tripp

In a nutshell I see our current dilemma as tracing back to the following two key sources:

1 – We have created an economic system that solves for conversion of nature into money (metric: GDP or Gross Domestic Product)

2 – We have created social media platforms with algorithms that solve for optimal capture of human attention (metric: Time on Screen)

Both of the above are inherently sociopathic in nature.

How so?

They are sociopathic to the extent that they ignore the many externalities that come with the one pointed achievement of their set objective.

A few simple examples can be given to demonstrate this: the fact that to the economic system a dead whale is worth more than an alive one and that 2×4 pieces of timber are worth more than old growth rainforest, mono crops which maximise economic yield also destroy the subsoil and our micro biomes through the use of glyphosates, social media is destroying mental health through addiction (see The Social Dilemma on Netflix for more) as well as being openly manipulated by authoritarian and other malevolent interests (see the Great Hack on Netflix for more).

These are clearly sociopathic systems as they take no account of externalities and the damage done to the individual and the environment and are leading to outcomes such as the carrying out of warfare for economic gain, the almost total destruction of our old growth rainforests and agrarian subsoil, the pollution of our oceans and waterways, inaction on climate change, epidemics of mental health issues and autoimmune disease and the devolvement of the democratic process into authoritarianism.

A quick look at the leaders selected by the dominance hierarchies that accompany these systems will confirm that they are clearly selecting effectively for sociopathic traits, the leaders of almost all large global corporations or nation states show all the signs of having succeeded in the longest succession of zero-sum games (kill or be killed) than any other within that structure to get to where they are.

As these systems get more effective and enabled by exponential technology the externalities produced also increase exponentially as well, leading to an inevitable extinction event. In a nutshell, these systems need adjusting because left unchecked they will destroy the very substrate upon which they function, i.e. us and the natural environments in which we live.
So, where to from here?

I believe the first step is to take a break from competing to make money and staring at whatever the algorithms have come up with next to attract our attention and to reflect honestly on what is actually happening. This is about as sobering as it is to read what I’ve written above and it gets far more sobering. This is a painful process of honest self reflection of where we are at and where we are heading.

I think the next thing for us to do is ask ourselves, what kind of future do we want to see? We might consider a RESET of a couple of key metrics that are driving what we are creating and what follows is an attempt to describe what that might look like.

1 – We might consider seeking to develop and build into our economic system metrics for compassion, empathy, wellbeing, human happiness play online pokies on and sustainability. A good example is the Happiness Index which is used in Bhutan. This would ensure that the system selects for these traits in its leaders.

2 – We might consider seeking to develop social media algorithms that solve for human happiness and wellbeing rather than time on screen

3 – We might consider taking steps to grant all individuals property rights in their online data with adequate legal protections of same

4 – We might consider a universal public income so that we can stop competing with each other to convert scarce natural resources in order to have money

5 – We might seek to ban all use of glyphosates in agriculture

6 – We might seek to bolster environmental and conservation regulations in order to prevent further biodiversity loss in our oceans, old growth rainforests and other important natural ecosystems
But more than anything, the above is only going to take place when we pause and ask ourselves, Who are we? Why are we here? What do we want to create? We will need an authentic dialogue around the answers to these important questions.

We will need communities that are willing to work together to create a new story about ourselves and chart a course towards a different future than the one we are currently moving towards.
We are living in an existential moment and without being alarmist and paralysed by fear, I truly believe we must confront the truths within ourselves and those of the world we live in if we are to create a bright future to live in.

For more highly wise insights follow Philip Tripp on Facebook.


Emergency is a Small Business Opportunity: COVID-19 Business Ideas

Emergency is a Small Business Opportunity: COVID-19 Business Ideas

One person’s tragedy is another’s bread and butter. This is the way of the world and life in the jungle. No matter how much we sugar coat the world with political correctness and insurance schemes the facts remain the same. Emergency is a small business opportunity: COVID-19 business ideas abound all around us right now. Think hand sanitiser, toilet paper, face masks, home delivery for everything, and digitalising businesses. Zoom, the video-conferencing platform, is advertising at AFL footy matches to a national audience in 2020. Working from home markets have erupted everywhere, as businesses attempt to adapt to this pandemic crisis and a new set of rules.

Businesses Must Adapt & Be Flexible If They are to Survive

Emergency electricians are still in demand from first thing in the morning until late at night despite the coronavirus pandemic. It seems electricians are essential service providers who stay outside of the restrictions imposed on many other workers and businesses. Emergency is a small business opportunity: COVID-19 business ideas can take a leaf out of the play books of emergency plumbers and electricians. Businesses must adapt to the times and be flexible enough if they are to survive. Life goes on with some important changes in place regarding human contact, social distancing and travel. Has your business been adapting quickly to the changed world?

Chasing the Emergency Dollar Using SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing

Think about locksmiths chasing the emergency dollar using SEO and digital marketing. I locked my keys in my vintage car last week, whilst out at the golf club. I returned from a practice session and managed to lock myself out. Feeling like a king-sized knob with nowhere to hide I experienced the extreme low of losing access to all my secure shelter in one foul swoop. I thought about that emergency locksmith as my saviour to retrieve my equilibrium in the face of desperate uncertainty. Fortunately, I composed myself and went at it with pliers and a coat hanger bent out of shape. After much soul searching and shaping of wire, I managed to flick that lever and unlock the car door via the window.

There were times when I almost gave up, especially in the face of public opprobrium in the golf club carpark. “I hope you own that vehicle,” one chuckling woman called out. “Locked yourself out, did you mate,” stating the bloody obvious, came another comment. You feel like you are swimming against the current in these circumstances. I would have checked my smart phone for an emergency locksmith in the area, but I had managed to lock that in the car as well. The world is changing faster than ever before, and emergencies are creating new opportunities for those that are smart enough to adapt. Perhaps, someone will invent a car key that protests loudly at being locked inside a vehicle with no driver onboard.

Whether you talk to us about social media management or seek out SEO or digital marketing strategies, these can trigger business ideas simply in the act of consultation. Over many years we’ve helped clients develop new website ideas which are focussed towards lead generation with profound levels of success. Ask us about the website aussie-online-casinos idea we came up with which now gives our client revenue of $80,000 per month, year on year.

Emergency is a Private Enterprise Opportunity

The government indeed manages certain medical crises, especially if they are related to ambulance services successfully; a few emergencies are handled better by the private contractors. Starting from electricity to security, they get the opportunity to earn a hefty surcharge just by doing what they do normally. For further information, please go through the following write-up now.

Emergency Dental Practices

Private dental practice is known for having its roots in the local community, and the professional owning it established facilities that pave the way for agreeable patient experience.
The corporate clinics cater to a large number of people in one day; thus, make the dentist-patient relationship less personal. A private dental practice, on the other hand, is like a helpful neighbor across the street with whom you can discuss all of your concerns.

The fact that private dental practice is in your locality makes emergencies hardly worrisome. Be it a root canal treatment or fixing implants, you will get amazing service. Yes, the charges are a tad bit more.

Emergency Electricians

Thanks to their punctual nature, private electricians are believed to be more helpful during emergencies. According to popular belief, corporate electricians have no respect for anyone’s time, and they come and go as they please. Now such an attitude costs when your AC certainly stops functioning during a hot summer afternoon.

An emergency electrician might save today’s hot shower, or else you may have to take a bath in cold water and catch a cold. Private residential electricians are also popular among the consumers because they strictly adhere to the deadlines.

Suppose you have appointed a private electrician to do the wiring of a new apartment. He will specify the charges along with the approximate time he will take to complete this project at the very outset. If he says 30 days, he and his team will make sure not to ask for additional time unless, of course, some complications crop up.

You can rely on most electricians without any sort of hesitation.

Emergency Plumbers

Just like the electricians, private plumbers are also known for being punctual and true to deadlines. They are thus hired for emergencies more.

Website Security Service Providers

Imagine a crisis if your website goes offline. It seems like a nightmare. You are not only at the risk of losing your faithful customers but also years of vital data. The modern-day entrepreneurs have to enhance website security as soon as possible. Now the government service providers do not, unfortunately, have access to the best solutions. On the contrary, the private ones can provide a series of software that will protect the websites from hackers and other external threats.

The aforementioned discussion clarified how private contractors manage website security, dental, electrical, and plumbing emergencies much better than government-owned organizations. They generate an outcome that lasts for a prolonged, even with little or no maintenance. So, next time your HVAC system makes a suspicious noise, or your tooth is knocked out, keep this in mind.

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality

Social media marketing and management for hospitality, restaurants, cafes and hotels in these times have to deal with fear and uncertainty. The pandemic has caused many a business to take a turn for the worse, if not totally go bankrupt and close. They have to deal with a lot of government restrictions, policies and fear of the general public as this enemy cannot be seen. Even with the proper health procedures, some customers and guests are reluctant to go out and be among people.

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality

This is not to say that there wouldn’t be any customers at all. There are still some who would venture and just are not happy with being indoors for long periods of time. Man is a social being and even if it is just to walk the dog or stay for a day in a hotel for a fresh location, they would do that. 


Walking around aimlessly is currently not on the menu, this is where social media can help. Social media marketing and management for hospitality done right will help people find out if your establishment is open, the hours it is open for and what to expect if they want to drop in. Because of imposed social distancing, most restaurants and cafes have decreased guest capacity. Some even have to cut down workers for operations. 

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality2

Facebook and Instagram are effective platforms in conveying hours of operations and getting in touch with the public. These platforms have different demographics and therefore have different buyer spending patterns. The younger, more hip, visual platform Instagram tackles the specials of the place, relying on artistic images. Facebook is the more informative of the two. The go-to  all around platform where recommendations, announcements and more extensive details are shared. Take a quick look at some of the cafes currently doing it great on these platforms.


Gram Cafe and Pancakes 

A relatively new cafe in Sydney, the first in Australia, Gram Cafe and Pancakes is almost a cult following in Japan. Osaka’s best kept secret is now located in Chatswood Interchange. Mouth watering and very instagrammable pancakes to suit your taste. Try the world-famous soufflé pancake or go all out with their Premium To Go Chocolate Pancakes onlinecasinosaud paired with a selection of hot beverages of Hojicha, Matcha, Black Sesame or Premium Hot Chocolate. A seasonal treat just for you! Welcome their Dark Chocolate Citrus pancake and Matcha French Toast. The name alone suggests yumminess.

Shop 67, Level 3/436 Victoria Ave, 

Chatswood NSW 2067



Devon Cafe

Devon runs on love and laughter with cups of strong coffee and good food – is Devon Cafe’s philosophy. They have served brunch favourites since 2013. Devon Cafe offers food that is a true mix of Sydney’s cultures and cuisines. From truffles to caviars, toast to croissant, all your best loved mainstays and experimental dishes are waiting for you here.

76 Devonshire St

Surry Hills NSW

02 9211 8777


Cuckoo Callay

Fine food and impeccable coffee is what Cuckoo Callay is all about. Their venue in Surry Hills is an amazing spot perfect for people watching. They have a walk in only policy and are quite popular with fur parents. Known for fabulously fresh food and totally tasty treats, this alliteration of awesomeness will have your breakfast, brunch and lunch sorted for you. How about a puppachino for your furbaby? Yes, indeedy. 

413-415 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

02 8399 3679


St. Dreux Coffee

St. Dreux coffee’s belief that passion and love for the coffee bean is the path to good coffee. Their vision was to create something fresh and new while practicing the time honored traditions of a community united by coffee. The French shepherd St. Dreux was a master multitasker. He is known as the patron saint of coffee houses and baristas. It comes as no surprise that one of the signature blends of St. Dreux is the Shepherd along with the Silver Bullet and the Rainmaker. 

151 Clarence street, Sydney NSW 2000

+61 409 439 906


Too much familiarity might breed contempt. And if the social restrictions get even longer, now and then, people need a breather. Even if just for a cup of coffee not made by themselves, in completely different surroundings that they wouldn’t have to wash the cup after.

Social Media for Electricians

If we turn to the ancient past momentarily to discover the motif of our modern-day electrician, I would tip my hat to Hermes/Mercury the messenger god. Depicted with winged feet and the son of Zeus, Hermes was all about speed and communication. Is there anything faster in the 21C than electricity and all the devices this force makes possible? Similarly, social media is an excellent fit for the successful sparkie. I can imagine Mercury making use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote his services among the other gods and goddesses. Social media for electricians is a no-brainer when you come to think about it.

Life is All About Telling Stories on Social Media

When seeking the services of an emergency electrician that can get there fast who are you going to call or email? Especially when you are already on a social media platform on your phone or computer. It is pretty obvious that you will reach out to those electricians who have a prominent presence on your social media channel of choice. Social media for electricians is a must in this day and age. Life is all about telling stories and storytelling happens on Instagram and Facebook etc. Home sapiens like to package bites of information into recountable little anecdotes and good electricians have their place in these little stories.

The Smart Tradie Gets Professional Help

Now, many electricians are busy people and may require some professional help with their social media management. It always pays to put the right task in the hands of those with the necessary skills to make things happen. Social media management for electricians is one of those times and we can make every post a winner LOL. Why risk your business by bumbling true blue casino along without the required irons in the fire? Good SEO is essential to ensure that your website is found in all the right searches. The smart tradie makes sure that both these things are firing on all cylinders for the future success of their electrical contracting business.

If you are a good electrician who wants to get plenty of work, then you will pay attention to your social media presence. If you are a quality electrical contractor who dreams of success and wants to make it happen, then you will give due notice to your digital marketing. Dotting the i and crossing the t is all about getting the details right, which will underpin your success in 2020 and beyond. In social media terms this means getting empowered and impassioned social media management for electricians on your side. We can make it happen right now for you!