Man Law BBQ Tools

May it be summer or spring, Aussies love their charcoal-grilled slab of meat.

For your grilling needs, Man Law BBQ Australia provides the finest lines of BBQ tools and accessories. Don’t ever sacrifice the quality of your grilling tools for cheap-made equipment. For instance, carving your ham or slicing your premium steak with a bargain-bin knife will mess up the whole experience. Enjoy your grilled meals only with top-tier BBQ tools and accessories.

Man Law BBQ Australia also specialises in men’s gift ideas. In updating their customers with new products and gift concepts, they introduce them on their social media accounts.

They also use social media as a digital marketing lead generation tool. In this technological age, almost everything is aided by social media. Here’s how Man Law BBQ Tools manage their Facebook profile.

Man Law BBQ Tools Facebook Management

Doing social media for male audience is quite difficult. For one, the posts have to be skewed to a more masculine sensibility. We’ve got a chance to discuss Man Law BBQ Tools’ Facebook management strategy with the person in charge of overseeing the business’ Facebook profile, Ms. Claire Felices.

Based on statistics, almost all social media platforms are oriented towards women. According to Ms. Felices, there’s nothing puzzling about this statistic. After all, women have this inherent need for communication. And through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, women get to meet this need.

In the case of Man Law BBQ Tools, which caters to men as its target market, Ms. Felices applied the “macho marketing.” This kind of marketing concept is being used by businesses that want to engage and encourage the male demographics. Ms. Felices also employ “manvertising” in managing the Facebook profile of Man Law BBQ Australia. Under such strategy, the marketing campaigns and approaches are all geared for men. Having said that, there should be a perfect balance of macho since women also buy BBQ tools from them.


The people that give you their food give you their heart.


Food is our common ground, a universal experience. – James Beard

With regards to the content, Ms. Felices said that they try to steer clear from being labeled as another money-hungry enterprise. In doing so, she posts content that will encourage customer engagement.


The 2nd day of a diet is always easier than the first. By the 2nd day, you are off it. – Jackie Gleason


I’m sorry for the unkind words I said in hunger.

Since people, in general, love pictures and videos that induces emotion, Ms. Felices follows this “trend” by updating Man Law BBQ Australia’s Facebook page with clips and images that are related to the company and the brand.

The trends in Facebook marketing always evolve. As such, Ms. Felices said that it is important for online marketers to stay abreast of these developments.