Instagram management is important for any business in developing a visual presence for your company.

You’re probably aware that people learn in different ways, in the same way they also respond to your brand marketing depending upon how it’s served to them.

Some people just love being able to see you’re a real business with real people behind it.

Instagram ManagementHaving an online visual presence gives the customer confidence by showing them, in a format they can see and identify with, that you are not only on top of what they need done, but that you can be a business that actively engages and identifies with them.

Your top 3 benefits of creating your visual presence are the following.

Giving visuals to customers helps them to relate to your brand in a new way and improve your advertising potential.

You reach groups of people which traditional marketing methods may miss, helping to grow your marketing base.

You’re actively engaging them in ‘silent’ marketing, they don’t feel as though you’re pushing an advertisement on them, meaning they’re likely to respond in a positive way.

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Instagram Stories

Instagram is awesome for sharing eye-catching images and building a juicy company aesthetic, but it’s not great for driving traffic. In fact, it’s really bad at that.

But last year, Instagram started allowing business accounts with more than 10,000 followers to add links to their Stories.

Obviously, eligible brands jumped on this opportunity and saw incredible results – some reported a whopping 25% swipe-through rate.

Companies and influencers are quickly realizing the sheer profitability of Instagram Stories. “Swipe ups lead to sign-ups,” says Digiday. “Which is leading more publishers and influencers to use Instagram as an audience acquisition tool.”

Let me tell you 5 of the major ways brands and influencers can benefit from “swipe ups.”

Swipe Up to Sign Up – Turn fans into subscribers by adding links to your Stories to get people to sign up for a freebie.

Swipe Up to Learn More – Easily add a call to action to learn more about a concept or product to a Story you’ve already invested in.

Swipe Up to Save Money – Offering limited-time deals encourages viewers to click through to your site right away. Once they’re there, they might well stick around for a while and make a purchase.

Swipe Up to Get Inspired – If you need to get people to your blog – maybe you want to become an authority in your niche – put together some Story slides to represent your blog posts. Give a teaser in the Story; get your audience to anticipate what you can offer and you’ll drive them to your blog.

Swipe Up to Win – Contests are a great way to boost engagement and your follower count. Using Stories to entice people to enter is a more focused, proactive approach than hoping people scroll past your Instagram post and take notice.

Consumers are craving deeper connections with the brands they interact with, and Instagram Story swipe ups are becoming an excellent way to build and tighten relationships, as well as showing that Instagram marketing for lead generation is a powerful ROI tool if you do it right.

The Story feature just keeps going up in value and River Team is here to help you with your Instagram strategy and raising your engagement rate!

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Instagram News

The modern world loves to measure things. Science is all about the measurement of matter in its many guises. Businesses have always wanted to be able to measure the effectiveness of their marketing. Social media platforms provide those numbers via likes and followers in their various algorithmic set ups. Indeed, Generation Y and Millennials have grown up measuring the exact number of their ‘so called’ friends. Individuals with large followings have been tagged as ‘influencers’ and their beneficence is much sought after, by those wishing to be cool and popular in the digital age. Reports of late have found that there is a one in ten chance that the Instagram influencer you have ben following is a fake or ‘Instaliar’.

Instaliar: Pants On Fire

What is the world coming to when you cannot trust the internet? When a new measuring stick is brought on the scene there will always be those who try and cheat the system. Business is full of people looking for short cuts. If a product, place or service wants to launch with a bang, then, instant friends and followers are wanted in bulk. Now, we have Hypetap to spoil the party for all those fakers out there in social media land. Hypetap has algorithms which audit Instagram accounts to reveal low quality or dodgy audiences. Disreputable marketing agencies have been purchasing fake followers from nefarious parties operating on the fringes of the SEM realm for their clients to boost their Instagram numbers.

Fake followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, can include spam accounts and bots. Disengaged audiences involve those who no longer engage with the platform. Instagram has officially stated that they ”encourage authentic interactions on their platform.” Fraudulent behaviour damages the brand, and, unfortunately, the internet is full of fraudulent behaviour. 523 000 fake accounts are detected and blocked daily on Twitter for example.

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Various ways how the credibility of Invisalign is being damaged by Instagram influencers

Over the past few years, influencer marketing has gathered a lot of traction and success in various medical industries such as the dental industry, increasing the clientele base and offering doctors and dentists an opportunity to reach clients that would have otherwise snubbed traditional marketing strategies. Considering at the moment people spend significant amounts of time online, endorsements from various Instagram influencers have played a role in the increased popularity and sales of Invisalign and other dental products. The more traditional suppliers of Invisalign, however, insist that a dentist should take their time and vet these influencers because of the potential negative effects on their credibility through various ways which may include:

Misleading your target audience

There have been complaints from various customers who felt misled by Instagram influencers who failed to disclose If their endorsement was as a result of a paid partnership with the business. This failure to be transparent has led to the questioning of the credibility of certain products which is bad for business and injures the trustworthiness and high regard which people hold for the venture.

Changes in the image of the influencers

Over time people will start to associate your brand with the image of the influencer which you choose which may be bad for you when they make a mistake. For instance, Nike, Gillette and other organizations that were using Tiger Woods at the height of his golfing career made significant losses when his public image took a hit due to infidelity. The influencer’s mistakes damaged the credibility of the brand which they represent and similarly, Invisalign influencers can as well have the same effect on dental practices and it is thus advisable to thoroughly vet influencers before settling on a suitable one.

Endorsing multiple brands

Even though Instagram influencers may have a significantly larger audience who may follow what they say, it may be very confusing if the same influencer is endorsing several brands within the same niche. People are likely to conclude that the celebrity works with any organization for money regardless of their performance track record and as a result affect the credibility of the organization doing more bad than good.

Influencer overshadowing of the brand

Some influencers may be highly popular such that your target audience focuses on the celebrity as opposed to the brand. In such instances, various dentists have revealed that the influencer devalues the business making it loose credibility, sales and consequently revenue keeping the business from growing. The influencer furthermore may have little passion and knowledge of the business compared to other employees which may lead to loss of the intended message in translation negatively affecting the businesses’ credibility.


Just like other dental marketing strategies, Instagram influencers have various challenges and benefits that may affect the credibility of the brand if not carefully done. Most dental practitioners have used sports personalities, media personalities, etc. to endorse their Invisalign products however these individuals should be properly vetted and researched to ensure they are the right fit for your brand. More often than not, micro-influencers are more effective in actively engaging their audiences compared to those with larger followers who cannot engage them effectively. It is, therefore, necessary for you to always take your time and find the best influencer that works for your business if you have decided to use influencers as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Cosmetic Dentists Benefit From Instagram Culture

When it is all about social media marketing platforms for the dentists, Instagram might not be the only option that most of the offices are flocking to.

At the end of the day, aesthetics plays an important role in the success of dentistry. Instagram is one of the most suitable visually-oriented platforms that have huge potential to demonstrate how successful a dentist is bringing a smile to the patient’s face.

This post talks about different types of Instagram posts that help in driving results for the dentists and benefit a lot from this social media platform.

But Why Instagram?

Most of the users on Instagram are eager to engage with different brands, and the percentage of engagement is high for Instagram than any other platforms. Reports suggest that more than 80% of the users follow at least one brand on Instagram, and 70% and more people look forward for the brands to follow. Using Instagram management services, dentists can connect with more followers, and they can share posts as well as in-feed posts.

Let’s now focus on the types of posts.

While on Instagram, it is imperative to note that it is not about sales. Rather, the focus should be fostering a relationship in order to create trust with the patients. Let’s see the post that can help dentists to serve this purpose.

  • Educational and Informative Posts

Dentists have immense knowledge, and it is extremely valuable for the patients. Sharing some pieces of information through brief educational posts help dentists to establish as a leader and to keep the followers interested.

For instance, explain why people should not use charcoal strictly to whiten their teeth. Share info on how people can brush to ensure better oral health along with updates on the upcoming technology in dentistry.

  • UGC Posts (User-generated content)

UGC posts are usually made with the images or videos shared by the patients of the dentists. The great thing about them is that they are overwhelmingly trusted and has been a valuable asset for dentists on Instagram. These posts show that the patients care enough for the patients, and it shows the opinion of the patients for the dentist.

  • Before and After Shots

Everyone loves to see before and after shot. These posts work great on demonstrating the fact what exactly the dentist can do through his/her services. This also helps them to get more and more appointment as they are highly visual and could be an excellent choice for the in-feed posts and stories on Instagram.

  • General Timely Posts

Seasonal posts are incredibly valuable as well as attention-seeking. It could be anything like a breaking news story regarding a new technology or reminding the followers not to have cider after brushing at Christmas. These posts are one of the best ways to use more genetic stock images to create posts that the audience will respond to, keeping the Instagram post calendar full even when someone runs out of ideas.

Whether finding a local cosmetic dentist or any other dental physician, Instagram has been a reliable option. Not to mention, the platform has been successful in promoting dentists, and they also benefit a lot from Instagram.