Increasing your target market and sales using Triller for business and marketing is to exploit the current popularity of this app. Social media platforms have been around for some time but their appeal has not waned. It has included photos, short messaging services and videos. Facebook, twitter, vine, Instagram and Pinterest and now Triller. Triller is a social video entertainment platform made for trendsetters. Although it was not intended to be a direct competitor to TikTok, which is said to have some questionable data security concerns, Triller has been around for five years but is currently having a sudden increase in popularity. This may be due to TikTok being banned in India and if it is to be believed, on the verge of being banned in the US, too.

The main users of this short music video app platform are mainly teens and creators.  They are also the most savvy in using smartphones and applications. it is quite easy to download these apps for personal use. Expressing and recording yourself is even easier than ever. Triller for business and marketing is a few steps up from personal use. To use Triller as a platform for your business is a chance to bring your products and services and introduce them to a new market. With 250 million downloads and 65 million active users to date, the potential of getting this segment as customers is huge.

Like TikTok, whose main allure is AI / augmented reality,  Triller users record themselves to a song they have in mind, allow others to follow and follow others as well. This platform suits the younger generation and attracts even the older generations because they can create their own content. These creators like to participate in challenges that other creators start. It is a totally entertaining app that allows users to create videos, share and browse and follow each other. This makes marketing on this platform even more exciting. It is the best app to show your business’ hip and young side which will create a buzz with the users of this app. 

But to merely dabble on it on a personal level will not give your business much traction. Triller, they say, is the adult version of TikTok. This bite sized video app has more things different with it, though. The videos are smoother and more finished looking. The app itself chooses the best clips and the AI provides the editing of overlays and other stuff. With this less control, it makes sense to have professionals do their job. This way you always have your best foot forward. 

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