Social Media Costs in Australia

Social Media can have a range of different goals, and so there is a range of different social media costs options. But essentially, you are paying for actions that result from placements on peoples’ social media news feeds and pages via an auction system.  One of the serious dilemmas asked by prospective clients is “how much does social media cost?”. The question of cost and ultimately budget tends to be one of the major constraining factors in deciding on clients.

So, here are our Micro Business Social Media Programs quotes. These are good for the getting-to-know-you phase being affordable to start-ups for small businesses, and generating a reasonable feeling around what to expect from marketing your business on social media.


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Micro Business Instagram Content Program

Being a super visual platform, Instagram can cost a bit more if you need to get your content produced. However, if you have a lot of visual content already, Instagram marketing can be fairly cost-effective. Given it doesn’t have a lot of technical features yet, there’s not a whole lot you can do with it, so here is our Micro Business Instagram Content Program that keeps the price affordable.

1.  Instagram Daily Posts Program

  • Mon-Fri daily weekday posts – 5 per week
  • Hashtag optimisation on all posts
  • Following 20 people per week in your demographic – eg location and/or interests in your product or service
  • Cost: $400+GST per month

2.  Instagram Daily Posts + Follower Development Program

  • Mon-Fri daily weekday posts – 5 per week
  • Hashtag optimisation on all posts
  • Following 100 people per week in your demographic – eg location and/or interests in your product or service
  • 1 x story per week
  • Cost: $600+GST per month

3.  Instagram Daily Posts + Daily Stories Program

  • Mon-Fri weekday posts – 4 per week
  • Mon-Fri weekday stories – 4 per week
  • Hashtag optimisation on all posts
  • Following 100 people per week in your demographic – eg location and/or interests in your product or service
  • Cost: $800+GST per month

4.  Instagram Daily Posts + Daily Stories Program

  • Mon-Fri weekday posts – 5 per week
  • Mon-Fri weekday stories – 5 per week
  • Hashtag optimisation on all posts
  • Following 200 people per week in your demographic – eg location and/or interests in your product or service
  • Cost: $1200+GST per month

In Addition:

  • #Hashtag optimisation on all Posts putting you into 30 relevant global hashtag feeds per image.
  • Following + liking multiple photos of 20 new targeted people per weekday generally attracts a 50% follow-back rate – we will target Australians who are interested in buying & selling cars.
  • Meme creation as ideas arise.
  • All genuine business inquiries flagged to you by email – we deal with general chit-chat/comments, whereas worthwhile inquiries we notify you.
  • Inclusion of any photos supplied to us.

Added virality on Twitter as we occasionally post your Instagram images to a high-follower Twitter account such as @sydneycafes, @kfiber, and others it gives each post additional exposure to up to 17,000+ followers as well as the extra hashtag authority which these Twitter accounts have.

Continual diversity of images and videos means a natural curiosity is developed about what you might post next. Sometimes a video of Sydney Harbour, or Bondi Beach, then a cafe photo, we always consider what we’ve posted previously when taking into account what to post next. We promote & celebrate life itself as a positive way of building your brand. Posts can also be posted to your Facebook account for free, giving your Facebook content an added content boost.

Sydney Social Media Costs

Our Clients Instagram







from inception until 1st October 2019 when they decided to take it in-house.

TikTok Creative Content Program

TikTok helps brands reach younger, content-hungry demographics it might feel like a hub of strange posts, its popularity, and video-driven content provide a variety of unique marketing opportunities.

We leverage TikTok in three main areas:

  1. Influencer Marketing: a great way to leverage TikTok is by engaging with the influencer community. Because influencers have a solid understanding of the platform, it can transform stiff brand messages into fun and creative videos. Our type of marketing is particularly effective at opening your content to a new audience and boosting brand awareness.
  2. Original Content: Although fans of TikTok love original content, we need to spend hours coming up with the next viral trend. Often, the best performing TikToks are ones that replicate or recreate a current trend. Start by exploring the app, its trends, and where the brand can join the fun.
  3. Paid Ads: TikTok ads are a relatively new addition to the platform. Powered by their own advertising platform, TikTok For Business, brands can run in-feed ads or create branded hashtags and video effects. Although many of the first brands of TikTok were large, well-known companies, it can still be helpful for your small businesses to look at why brands of all sizes are joining the platform.

With its stellar growth, a large audience is ready to be wooed by innovative and fast-thinking brands. Here is our TikTok Creative Content Program that keeps the price affordable.

  • 5 video posts per week
  • Following 100 people per week
  • Hashtag optimisation on all posts
  • Included: all posts added to your Instagram profile
  • Cost: $1200+GST per month

Facebook Advertising Management: Micro Business Program

Facebook is probably the most complicated of all the social networks to manage because it has so much complexity in what it can do and how it works. The other facet is, that in Australia it’s the largest social media platform by users. Around 16 million active users (as of May 2018). As a result, your community manager has a great deal more to do on Facebook than on other platforms!

Considering all the components involved which include things like content production, messenger bots, graphic design, live events, competitions, campaigns, and so forth, the pricing can vary wildly in Australia. We work with you to develop the Facebook ads based around:

  • Creation & publishing of 3 ads per month
  • Management of ad spend and results
  • 1 Organic Content Post per week to test new ideas
  • target audience: age group, gender, location, and interests/hobbies
  • choice of images: multiple images, single image, meme, or video?
  • image design is usually included as part of the service
  • purpose of ad: to attract people to like your page, get them to click on your website, or a direct sales conversion?
  • we write the ad copy for you – you have approval rights over it at every stage
  • we have over 30 years of professional media experience, and we’re guided by what you can and can’t say in the ad according to Australian advertising standards, public morality & taste, and of course Facebook advertising regulations
  • this program also includes a minimum of 1 Content Post per week (a non-ad post) to test out organic take-up of the page
  • where appropriate, some of your ad posts will occasionally appear on some of our high-follower Twitter accounts for added virality
  • Cost: $1200+GST per month

Client Examples: see 3 attachments below.

facebook advertising management sydney melbourne companies

social media costs sydney marketing facebook advertising


social media costs sydney facebook advertising melbourne


SEO Campaigns Micro Business Program

When you’re looking to launch an SEO campaign, the very first thing you need to do is choose the right keywords to target. It determines whether or not you’ll get more clicks to a landing page or a blog post, but more importantly, targeting the right search terms helps to attract the target audience that you’re looking for.

SEO Campaign

As we manage an SEO campaign we planned an effort to optimise a page or website to improve its Google SEO rankings. It’s often a long-term project that involves many different components, such as keyword research, web audit, SEO analysis, on-page optimisation, link building, and many more. Here is our Micro Business SEO Campaigns Program that keeps the price affordable.

  • Micro Business Program $800+GST per month
  • Small Business Program $1200+GST per month
  • Medium Enterprise Program $2400+GST per month
  • Conquer Your Industry SEO Program $4000+GST per month


Most people expect social media costs to be quite expensive but our rates are among the most affordable social media marketing prices in Sydney, Australia. Whether you’re looking for Facebook advertising management, Instagram content management, or social media marketing including search engine optimisation (SEO), our social media rates offer less expensive value for money. It’s why many social media clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth stay with us for 5 years or more.

To get us working hard for your business or to request customised social media costs for medium enterprise or corporate social media marketing programs and /or if you’d like to see what it might cost you for your brand, drop us a line.