Social Media Development

social media developmentSocial media development is the intensive development of social media platforms which is a key necessity to growing your business.  Calling it ‘social media management’ is a handy phrase to describe a core aspect of what we do. However, it is a lazy description – because to just do ‘social media management’ is in part neglecting the tedious hours to do it properly. It requires more background work to make it a successful campaign and takes more than just the proverbial ‘weekend off’. The time it takes to create images and memes, optimum time of posting, conversation and interaction – lumping it all as ‘social media management’ term – indeed that is for lazy people.

Social media management VS social media development

In other words, calling it social media management simply would not do.  What we truly do is efficient social media development.  In most cases, we create social media profiles from scratch and then build them up. Many of our longer-term clients have 7,000 or more demographically-targeted followers responding to their posts, tweets and pins. Some of them after a time feel they know enough to try to continue doing their social media development in-house. They attempt for a couple of months but eventually return and regret leaving in the first place. Lesson learned: leave the intensive work to us. The good news is for a limited time you can have your platforms managed for just $300+gst per month. Contact us today! Offer expires 31 March 2017.

Sometimes we adopt feeble or failed social media profiles. These self-starters often have the “I can do that” mentaliry. They are the ones who oftentimes neglect to consider the time it takes to make a single post or follow accounts. These are ones that have been started but are in poor shape. Over time we develop them into robust, popular and avidly-followed profiles.

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