Fun Day Out

Turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary day – with Fun Day Out! Let your child sing and dance and explore their surroundings! Fun Day Out features the best vacation care programs, incursions, excursions and event packages to suit your needs! 

They offer a full event management service with over 90 activities. Working with over 50 of the best activity providers for fresh and customer tailored pursuits. Be it incursions, excursions, parties or events, they do the research and necessary compliance verification for your events so you don’t have to. From magicians to circus, go karts and trampoline time, Fun Day Out delivers the fun in your parties, vacation care programs and events!

This lets your children experience activities without having to commit for a full term like gyms and clubs. Children get a varied taste of programs like gardening, swimming, circus, shows, science and more! They do their research so that the programs available are the best of the bunch. They will secure all the required compliance documentation and will book and secure your activity in a 24 hour frame. They do all that so you would have no trouble having to talk or fix things with anyone else.

fun-day-outThis is giving you all the fun without the fuss, guaranteed! All you need is to ring them up, set a program and they would set it all up compliance and all. You won’t even need to pay until the activity is complete!

From start to finish Fun Day Out does all the hard work so you don’t have to.