What is traffic acquisition?

Well in Sydney we know what the hell traffic acquisition is – it’s the hell of traffic on our roads getting heavier, deeper and more congested every year!

But from a social media perspective, traffic acquisition is a much more positive thing.

Take for example our Cafes in Sydney client.

Within one month of running a premium Twitter program with us, their website traffic went up from 600 unique users per day to 1000 unique users per day.

That’s a 60% increase in website traffic – achieved from a Twitter account that was starting from scratch.

Of course we continued that campaign – it’s now in its fourth year with us, and the traffic never died down again – and meanwhile, in 3.5 years, their Twitter followers have gone over 11,000 organically-grown, Sydney-targeted foodie-focussed followers.

Traffic acquisition is the cause celebre of social media management – but people need a reason to go to your website – what reasons are you giving them?

– Curiosity about your brand?

– Entering a competition?

– Special offer on a product?

While the above might seem valid reasons, they are in fact benign and often self-defeating.

There are more than 80 better reasons why a potential customer will click through from social media to your website. We run through this social media strategy with our ongoing clients and constantly see very positive return on investment from social media.

There is another crucial discussion point which we feel the need to share.

Does your website significantly mirror the vibe you’re creating on social media?

We’ve seen it time and time again.

Very open, human, interactive and engaging presences on social media direct people to a website which is pretty much a brick wall.

If this is you, don’t worry, about 90% of businesses are committing the same “social media faux pas”.

How do you get your website mirroring your social media vibe?

This is a social media strategy that you need to buy into – become our client and you’ll get all the answers – as we build your social media presence for you, we’ll ensure the greatest integration between your social media platforms and your website.

The future is here. There’s no turning back.

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