There’s a simple sad truth to all your posts, all your tweets, all your pins.

In case you hadn’t noticed, they are all 100% disposable.

No dinner party is ever ruined by people talking about a great post they saw on Facebook – and if it is, it’s not a dinner party that would have me – or I it.

However, there is something which is surprisingly semi-permanent.

It’s robust.

It’s the resilience of your followers and fans. Unless you spam them relentlessly, they’ll likely stick around.

We had one client who, after growing him 2000+ followers on Instagram, concluded he could get his in-house staff to run his Instagram account.

Two years later, they’d done all of four posts!

Yet when he came back to us wishing to get it moving for real, he still had his 2000 followers.

They weren’t exactly sitting around waiting for his next post, but nor had any of them unfollowed him.

We were able to jump back into the stream of life on his behalf and some days later he’s got traction happening again.

But is this really what social media retention is all about – is it so ridiculously simple?

Yes – for once you can have a free kick on our behalf. Get the right followers, don’t mess with them, and they’ll tag along. Indeed social media marketing can be very much an accumulated benefit.

Here’s 10 tips for follower retention on Instagram or Twitter – real basic stuff:

1. Remember Why People Follow You

2. Determine Why People Quit You

3. Interact with Your Followers

4. Don’t Over Tweet

5. Don’t Under Tweet Either

6. Keep Self-Promotion to a Minimum

7. Lend a Helping Hand

8. Be a Resource

9. Stop Whining

10. Be Yourself

These are from 10 Ways To Improve Follower Retention …

Ultimately you can keep your followers if you provide interesting valuable content – how prepared are you to do that? Sometimes you’d be better off running your business and having this responsibility for consistently good content outsourced to people like us!

Contact us for a confidential insight into our most successful clients and you’ll agree, you couldn’t do it better. Let us do it better for you: 1300 321 814.


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