TikTok For Business & Marketing

Does the new social media platform TikTok confuse you? This is not just a lip-syncing video app for Sydney teens. If you use TikTok right, you can introduce your product or business to a huge audience. We can help you manage and develop your TikTok marketing opportunities with our vast social media experience.

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TikTok is the newest trending social media platform with more than 500 million active monthly global users and 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play. TikTok is launched by Chinese company ByteDance in 2016. It has been described as a mashup of Vine, Instagram, and Twitter. The largest TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24 making it a major target for any brands seeking the attention of Generation Z.

TikTok consists of 15 and 60-second user recorded videos that allow for in-app editing and integration with other major social media platforms. You can create short-form, music-focused videos and edit them with filters, lenses, and augmented reality features.

Today people can share a variety of videos not just music. Skateboarders can showcase their skills, dancers, singers, comedians, fashion buffs, DIYers, and craft fans. And now we can see people sharing videos featuring their favourite products.

It has evolved from a video-creation app used to express creativity to advertising and marketing haven. TikTok allows businesses to engage with users through shorter bite-sized video clips. Your business can create an account on TikTok and explore and engage with consumers. Here, you will find everyone from celebrities, politicians, influencers and your everyday customers.


TikTok is fairly new, especially to the business world and it’s still not saturated as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It also allows you to explore what makes your business fun and interesting. TikTok provides a way for you to express the fun aspect of your business while benefiting from it financially.

It’s also cheaper to advertise on TikTok while there is no strong influencer community yet and there are fewer businesses competing for sponsorship and ad placements.

Joining TikTok now helps you to market to Gen Z. You will meet them where they are, play by their rules while enjoying the process. If you can create videos that will appeal to TikTok users, it could be a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Of course suddenly people are saying that you should only join TikTok if you’re willing to have the Chinese Communist Party know all your life details – recently some dude reverse-engineered the platform and discovered that TikTok makes Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal look like a teddy-bear’s picnic. Like pretty much all Chinese social media platforms TikTok will deliver up your personal data to the CPP … but what’s wrong with that? Social media works best because people are willing to volunteer up their private lives for public consumption. If that means the Chinese politbureau are sitting there watching you dance to 2020 Taiwanese techno, you want more eyeballs right? The more powerful they are, the more they’re #influencers one would think – whether it’s ASIO, the FBI or the CCP, you’ve got nothing at all to hide, right, unless you’re a troublesome HongKonger who believes in the free market, free speech, democracy, and other anti-establishment sentiments – if you’re such a person, then yep, probably TikTok isn’t the social media platform for you. Stick to Kdrama of the North Korean variety to keep the TikTok overlords disinterested.


TikTok marketing strategy is abuzz among marketers because of its effective tools and technique geared to the younger audience. It is a content base that ensures significant growth in business with the least sponsorship. Challenge your followers by showcasing your product and get valuable ideas for marketing across other social media platforms.

Currently, one of the greatest features of TikTok is less advertising, making the user experience relaxed and enjoyable. Although we know that the app will move into monetization, it’s a good time today to build your user base and enjoy organic advertising methods to showcase your products and services.

TikTok is still attractive because few businesses are trying their hands on this platform making it uncharted territory to explore in terms of marketing. They only just begun introducing paid advertising and offers a cheaper method of working with influencers that will vie for top positions.

TikTok is an effective social media platform for branding and promotion. You can get maximum reach with the least investment. The hashtag challenges involve celebrities and influences that can push your message and make it viral online.

Using engagement marketing, TikTok offers an opportunity for businesses to advertise in a creative way. With TikTok’s sophisticated tools, your brand will shine. Contact us about using TikTok in your social media marketing campaigns.


TikTok becomes an overnight sensation among the younger audience for its tendency to go viral. Now, businesses are starting to experiment with it too. Like Snapchat, it’s reaching the 14-26 demographic which is achieving independent spending power.

tiktok for business use

Here are the different ways you can use TikTok for your business:

  1. Create your own channel and upload relevant content on your channel

Even if you’re just starting, you can still effectively use TikTok for marketing. Get a feel for TikTok’s trending style before you start creating content. Open the discover page to see the top trending videos and hashtags.

You don’t need to be over professional in the platform. Try to experiment with trends, be playful and show authenticity. Reveal your brand’s true personality and make the users relate to you and get connected. Real entertainment, fun, and humour will build trust. You don’t need to come up with new and unique content. TikTok is based on community engagement, all you need to be doing is find existing content and spin it to make it your own.

  1. Manage and Share User-Generated Content on TikTok

It takes creativity to produce content that is casual but fun. You need to plan your content to get the best return for your efforts. You can curate and share user-generated content on your channel or work with TikTok Sydney influencers to encourage their followers to generate content that supports your brand.

Gen Z loves to be involved. Find a way to encourage your customers to share their videos using your products in some way. If you can do this, you’ll get a high buy-in.

Yep, TikTok will prove to be invaluable for Sydney business: for TikTok marketing & social media management, call us. We help you introduce your products or services to huge audiences, and now with TikTok, like in the early years of Instagram, the sky’s the limit. Even coronavirus will not stop this new social media wave.

  1. Develop Influencer-Created Content on TikTok

You can use influencer marketing much like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to expand your reach. Choose influencers on your niche. But, be mindful that the more followers the influencer has, the more expense you will incur but the return on investment can be huge.

Just like influencer marketing on other platforms, choose the influencer that suits your product for your influencer campaign to succeed. Find influencers that work within your niche and those who have personalities that align with your brand. Let the influencer create the content because they know how their followers behave.

You can encourage the influencer to make videos while using your product. Approach your chosen influencer and propose a working relationship with them. Be smart about the influencer you propose and sign in contact with.

TikTok influencers can also:

  • Use and talk about your product in their video
  • Post about your product in the video description
  • Link to your product in the description


  1. Advertise on TikTok

TikTok supports four types of advertisements. They are now into monetizing by having brands pay to have their ads show to users. Here are the four ways you can advertise on TikTok:

In-feed native ads

In-feed native ads can be your thing if you enjoy Instagram stories and feel they help in advertising your product. These are skippable ads that last for 9-15 seconds. Your content will be displayed on a full screen. You have the option to add website links and order now buttons on the ad, which can help users to land directly on your page. The impact of your ad is measured by the click-through rates, total views, impression, play duration, and engagements received like share and comments.

Brand takeover ads

You can use images, animated GIFs and videos for this type of ad. Your embedded links can be connected to your website’s landing page or challenges and hashtags used in videos. The brand takeover ad will be exclusive to one brand every day. This method is effective because TikTok marketing tools are straightforward, user-friendly and effective in branding a particular product or service. Reach can be measured by click rates, impressions and unique reaches.

Hashtag challenges

This is a popular activity that gathers audiences and spread the brand message organically. Hashtag challenges can also be non-sponsored but with the right content can be a good marketing strategy. In this type of ad, the user gets to see the specific banner ad that will take them to the instruction page for the rules of the featured challenge. The banner is put on the discover page. Once your hashtag challenge is launched on TikTok, people can participate with just a few clicks.

This ad targets specific consumers with higher conversions. You can use hashtag challenges on TikTok if you had managed to build up a popular TikTok channel. If not, you can work with influencers to kickstart your #hashtag challenge. Working with influencers is more achievable because of their extensive reach making it a widely accepted ad concept. This method also garners a large number of organic engagements.

Branded Lenses

Branded lenses ads are like Snapchat 2D and 3D lenses for faces and photos that users can apply in their videos. This ad has been promising in the few last years since its debut. TikTok is doing initiatives to make it more engaging.

Of all the marketing strategies you can do with TikTok, the most accessible and engaging is user participation. You can use user-generated content to promote causes and brands with sophisticated tools that enable users to post ideas and content by themselves.

TikTok social media marketing strategy for business is the new wave, it has reach capabilities that rise each passing month. You should consider giving it a try at least. If your business is geared toward a younger audience, TikTok is a perfect social media to capture their attention. Does TikTok make sense for your business? Call us on 1300 321 814 to know more about this platform and how we can level-up your reach and engagements.

coronavirus challenge tiktok ava louise instagram isocial media influencer twitter

Coronavirus Challenge on TikTok: Who’s Down For It?

An influencer filmed herself in a plane toilet licking the seat as part of a “coronavirus challenge.”

Ava Louise has appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show and has 19,000 TikTok followers and 150,000 Instagram followers. She posted the video to her Twitter on March 14, 2020.

“Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” she said with “love” and “sweating” emojis.

TikTok in the News Forever

1 November 2020

Viral short form video platform TikTok is pushing ahead with plans to hire 100 new staff in Australia by the end of the year despite heightened geopolitical tensions and government concerns about its links to the Chinese Communist Party.

TikTok, which is owned by Chinese technology giant ByteDance, opened its first local office in June and was quickly scrutinised by the federal government and security agencies for its links to the Chinese government.

One of the reasons TikTok is building its local operation is because of a major spike in user growth in Australia. Data released by analytics firm Roy Morgan earlier this month said almost 2.5 million Australians were using TikTok, an increase of 52.4 per cent from the first half of 2020. It is currently the fastest growing social media company in Australia based on user growth. TikTok has also become a member of telco industry body, Communications Alliance.

Most of the roles being recruited for are in media strategy and marketing. Some of the roles include looking for trends and creators and helping them grow.