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Looking for a Social Media Strategy agency for your business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide? We specialise in strategy & development for everything from health companies to lawyers, fashion agencies, food and wine brands, to electricians, locksmiths, travel companies, anxiety and depression counsellors and psychologists, furniture stores, software developers, IT companies, children’s entertainment, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and even synthetic grass providers …

It’s one thing to bumble along on social media and strike it rich – happens all the time right?

The reverse, sorry to say, apart from our French intern Caroline who came to work with us in Sydney a few years back, is more often than not closer to the truth.

When we first meet with potential clients we even say to them that based on their current knowledge of social media and willingness to think of social media as little more than a problem they wish would go away, they’d best expect even a fairly robust social media effort to return zero ROI.

Strategy across multiple social media platforms? That’s what’s required, with consistency built in every step of the way.

Strategy helps you define ahead of time what to expect not just from each campaign, but from each individual post.

It enables you run a big picture social media marketing narrative that seeps into the subconscious of your readers, who have already been recruited specifically because they’re your target audience.

What about your network? Who’s your allies? Who will repost or retweet your material? Are you part of a social media club that will empower your brand with cheerleading?

Cheerleading is one of the most vital aspects of social media, and something which our company specialises in manifesting for you from day 1.

social media strategy sydney pink vodka trend managementA social media trend for “Instagrammable” alcohol like pink vodka, purple gin and craft whisky has been blamed for a 7 per cent spike in Australia’s consumption of pre-mixed drinks and spirits.

Public health experts are demanding a crackdown on digital alcohol marketing after the increase – an extra 2.5 million litres of pure alcohol in 2017-18 – was attributed in part to the online trend.

There are more than 6.3 million Instagram posts tagged #gin and 8.5 million #vodka posts.

Almost none feature the bland, clear liquid many Australians previously associated with those spirits; instead, a rainbow of exotic-looking beverages are celebrated.

Spirit producers are the most innovative of the alcohol producers when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Alcohol manufacturers had shifted the majority of their marketing spend to unregulated digital platforms.

The small rise in consumption of spirits reflects the growing number of boutique distilleries and cocktail bars which has led to increased choices for consumers.

So what are the social media trends you’d like to fire up around your business?

Will your social media strategy involve video, photography, your staff, your corporate culture, or will you drift along and see what happens, then be disappointed and give up?

social media strategy agency sydney facebook instagram marketing melbourne brisbane perthWe’re happy to meet with you and discuss some ideas so you get some ideas you can act on straight away.

The first 3 brilliant ideas we give you are free.

Once you experience “proof of concept”, after that if you want more genius social media strategy, you’ll not just have to become a client, you’ll want to become a client.

Our number: 1300 321 814.

We’ll be happy to look over your current social media profiles and give you some social media strategies for growing your fans or followers.

Or we can move straight into talking about Facebook advertising management, or Instagram advertising strategy, showing you examples so you can take on-board what has already been proven to have worked many times over.

Social media is so often, when performed haphazardly, like driving a dodgem car, hoping to occasionally randomly bump into someone who may be interested in your product or services.

We chase down your exact perfect customer or client because we do the research to find out exactly where they are, who they are, and how they respond to existing brands and individuals (let’s not forget their influencers don’t have to have a few million followers, sometimes people get influenced by the minnows).

koeksisters sydney wilbur smith meme recipe quote social media strategyBe it ever so humble, but this meme amused us, and amused our client African Vibe which gave use even more joy, because world-famous South African author Wilbur Smith NEVER said this, our social media manager made it up. This is the kind of weird and crazy shit we do for clients every day, seven days a week, just loopy content which the clients, but more importantly, their fans and followers, enjoy. Being creative not just with posts, but having a creative strategy campaign always on the go, this is the key to entertaining one’s audience.

We’re biased, but we believe you should start with a social media strategy agency first, before moving onto social media marketing via Facebook advertising management – tying that in closely with Instagram content development, while ensuring your website is full of content – we can help you develop masses of website content also.

Once all your social media strategies are in place, we will show you how we’ve used social media to drive so much traffic, that the SEO / Google rankings benefits are out of this world.

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