Public Relations

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In the corporate world social media usually falls under the PR – or public relations – department. Public relations professionals craft the communications strategy for the business and works in tandem with the marketing department to ultimately sell the products and services offered.

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Before you commence any social media it is crucial to understand the message your business is attempting to convey to your target audience.

5 public relations questions you should be asking

  1. What does your business represent?
  2. What are your core values?
  3. What is your customer service policy?
  4. What are the benefits of your product or service?
  5. How can you leverage off the news cycle to maximise awareness?

Once you can answer these 5 questions, you can then – and only then – embark on your social media strategy.

Effective use of publish relations can dramatic reduce the need for marketing spend. By receiving favourable mentions in editorial across all mediums you are basically advertising your business free of charge – but public relations is not an ad! It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Hiring a public relations professional can help you articulate more about your business than you ever thought possible. PRs can uncover hidden gems about what you offer and help you exploit them to their fullest potential.

Here are some tips on running a strong Public relations campaign

Social media is a crucial element of any PR campaign, but it can be fraught with danger. If you are OFF message the consequences can be dire. Witchery ran a campaign back in 2007 that crashed and burned. It did untold damage to the brand because of the deceptive nature of the campaign. You should check it out and see the potential abyss companies can fall into.

If you aren’t skilled in PR it could be worth embarking on some social media training as a first step, but it’s recommended that you consult with a public relations professional – to be on the safe side.