Social Media Loyalty Strategies – what are they? Do they work? What are some head-spinning examples?

Believe it or not, one of the best most easy to deliver social media strategy is to deliver on acknowledgement – human to human, you heard them.

Here for example is some instagram dialogue that shows people you’re hearing them – fro  this instagram post:

findingmywild Tasted @bondichai at the @goodfoodwine show – LOVED it & bought two boxes. Enjoyed a #chai this morning too – thanks guys!
dearbabyg I tried your chai yesterday and it was gorgeous but your stand was too busy to line up to buy some. That’s a sure good sign 🙂
bondichai Ah @dearbabyg it was indeed a hectic time! Good news is you ‘should’ be able to pick us up in the coffee isle of your local Woolworths providing they’re in stock. Thx for saying hi
bondichai Great to hear from you @findingmywild thanks for the uplifting vibes


Social media is effortless when you’re not SELLING on social media but are reinforcing a dialogue post-sale. Such simple things can engender loyalty for life.

In another example from the same client, from this post

“Bondi Chai…my new favourite drink” … Thanks @musiclaire for the lovely photo & great to have met you at #Perth @goodfoodwine!!! #goodfoodie #bondi#chai #chailatte #greatcity ????

This version shows the dual mirror value of a “regram” whereby the customer is honoured for their loyalty and willingness to publish a photo on instagram showing off the product, but equally where it’s a quality photo, this can then be regrammed to all the existing Bondi Chai instagram followers – all 7000+ of them – grown by us from scratch we dare say!

A Twitter shout-out is another reasonably effective way of honouring people who have offered the olive leaf of conversation through the virtual realm. Do you keep track of “conversationalists” – in most recent surveys, it’s a simple fact that 90% of businesses #fail to honour the sacred goodness of friendly engagement offered by their customers.

There are at least a dozen other tried and tested ways of building loyalty strategies with your clients and customers – and  conversationalists – which are far more powerful than the ones mentioned above.

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