Professional Training in Social Media for Teachers

Training in Social Media for Teachers

Which is better? Real-life or online professional development for teachers

As much as it’s the teacher’s job to teach students, they also need to do some learning themselves. That is the purpose of professional development, which is some form of education for teachers that can enhance or better their teaching or classroom environment. The duration of these workshops varies as some can go for only a few hours while other can go on for a week. They are normally more effective when they are based on the teacher’s area of expertise. However, they can learn overall strategies for classroom management or reading comprehension that can benefit any topic in any age group.

How professional development is helpful

Professional development is very imperative and necessary for teachers. First, it helps them keep up with the latest developments in education and in the curriculum since education is ever changing and ever growing. What they teach their students today won’t be what they will be teaching some years later. Not only does it help teachers acquire new learning techniques, it also gives them a platform to interact with other educators in various areas of study and that helps them improve on their own teaching. Workshops that take a longer duration of time are more effective than shorter ones because they involve lots of hands on activities and interaction.

New strategies

Through professional development, the teachers are able to acquire new strategies which they can then pass on to their students. They are also equipped with tips that can be utilized both in the classroom and the community at large.

Online professional development

Thanks to the internet, professional development workshops can now be taken online through different platforms such as County Board of Education offices or colleges that offer education degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. Depending on the program, online professional development workshops can either be free of charge or charged a small fee. Just like any other college class, the workshops may sometimes require completion of given assignments or participating in group work where several individuals sit down together and complete a given task together. As much as online professional development workshops are convenient, they lack active participation and interaction and that is why I believe that real-life professional development for teachers is still better.

When is online workshop necessary?

Never the less, some circumstances may require one to use online professional development services. They include; not being in close proximity with venue of workshop and being overly occupied and busy hence no time to attend workshops physically among others. In order to ensure that they are competent enough to access and utilize online services, educators and teachers should take it upon them to learn more on computers and how they operate. By so doing, they will acquire basic computer skills that are a necessity in knowing how to access and utilize the internet. After acquisition of the computer skills, the next necessary investment is a laptop. This is what one will require to access the online workshops. Although it may be a little bit expensive to acquire one at first, it is a worthwhile investment.

Social Media Management For Children: Sydney Kids & Devices

social media for kids

How to Get Kids Away From Their Devices

Talk may be cheap, but not a surplus of it. Teens send thousands of messages every month. Whether you’ve got the ideal data plan on earth, similar to other items, usage of the phone requires boundaries and balance. While you may consider a Child-Friendly Vacation in Melbourne, use the stunts below to train and get your kids from gadgets.

Exercise what you preach

Social clinician and child-rearing master Susan Newman, Ph.D. urges guardians to recall that they are good examples. It may not seem as though it, but children are watching and gaining from their folks all the time. Have a go at having the whole family leave their telephones killed or if nothing else set away during the time spent together. Furthermore, consistently turn off your ringer during occasions that are critical to your youngster, for example, school plays and sports games.

Set good judgment limits

As a parent, you’re responsible for setting presence of mind confines on its use, much the same as you do around driving, medications, and liquor.” What’s more, In this time of cyberbullying and online stalking, this is a wellbeing issue for some teens, he includes.

Try not to make it a discipline

Your youngster’s telephone is the key to their social world. If you need to build up limits around its use, removing it as a regular discipline for overuse makes certain to reverse discharge. As detailed by the Child Mind Institute, virtual correspondence has a positive job in your kid’s life, and disposing of it completely can damage trust. “Your kid’s mobile phone is their primary lifeline and association with their reality,” clarifies Dr. Newman. “Recognizing this can help manage you when you’re defining limits and setting up results,” she includes.

Make meals a zone for no-phone

For some families, a mutual supper is a desert garden of hard-won together time, cut out between soccer practice, late evenings at the workplace, evening gatherings, and different commitments. Consistent humming and heads dejected over telephones can detract from the experience.

Use technology to monitor technology

Ericka Sterns’ seven children extend in age from small to how-could they-get-that-huge, and she is no more unusual to technology use (and overuse) in the home. Sterns uses the OurPact parental control application to control telephone use.

Be eager to be the worst parent!

It is difficult dealing with children when they abhor you. This may come as a spoiler alert, but sooner or later, all children despise their folks. That being stated, regardless you need to stand firm, notwithstanding when your children are having a breakdown about telephone limits.

Give your children a chance to help set the guidelines

Counting your children in the wireless principle causing the procedure to can help keep the channels of correspondence open. Your youngsters need an opportunity to clarify a portion of their use to you, so they feel heard. For instance, your kid may require their telephone for 60 minutes (or more) of group studying time every day.

Dumb it down

“Children practically leave the belly on their telephones,” Monroe says. “The benefit here is to get back their advanced mobile phone when they figure out how to remain inside the limits you’ve set,” Monroe says.
Make sleep & rest a priority

It gives their bodies and minds a chance to loosen up, empowering them to rest better. Bolster everybody in the household to make a practice of shutting down before rest, and implement this standard by expelling the telephones from every room—including your own. On top, choose a Child-Friendly Vacation in Melbourne.

How to get Sydney kids away from their devices – social media management for children. There are age limits for children and teenagers with Facebook and Instagram, but the ever-addictive gaming problem seems to draw kids in no matter what their age.

Social Media Management for Dentists & Orthodontists in Sydney

Social Media for Dentists & Orthodontists in Sydney

Social Media Management for Dentists & Orthodontists in Sydney

A smile may sound and appear as something simple but it is something that is very valuable and should be treasured. This is because it allows one to express themselves especially when they are in a good and happy mood. In order to have that coveted beautiful smile, having healthy teeth is inevitable as the two go hand in hand. Apart from regular brushing and flossing of teeth, a good diet also plays a huge part in ensuring Apart from regular brushing and flossing of teeth, eating a good diet also plays a huge part in ensuring that teeth remain healthy and strong. Therefore we should strive to eat as healthy as possible so that we may end up having the healthiest teeth possible at any age.

The above is typically the sort of squeaky-clean message that Sydney dentists and orthodontists like to get out there on social media. Nothing wrong with it – but it’s essentially what we call a background foundational content mountain. It’s never to be foregrounded because there’s other much stronger social media opportunities which are priority revenue actions.

Whether on Instagram or Facebook, social media management for dentists & orthodontists not just in Sydney, but in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, or Cairns, should NEVER be set and forget. Yes daily set and forget posts should happen, and they should always be of world-class standard, but 20% of the posts should be revenue generating.

Social media influencers are now disrupting the dental power elite with their somewhat shonky enticements to DIY Instagram, as Melbourne’s The Age recently reported – and so dentists and orthodontists HAVE to be a hell of a lot smarter. Sure enough, in scrimping on vital things such as SEO and social media, most Australian dentists are WAY off the mark – they’re so far behind, it’s laughable.

If you’re a Dentist or Orthodontist who wants to hurry up and catch up on your digital marketing, send us an email and we’ll be in touch within a few hours at the latest.

There are certain foods that have proven to be very beneficial to teeth. Just like bones, the main elements that make up the teeth are calcium and phosphorous. Therefore, foods that are rich in these two really help in having the healthiest teeth possible at any age. Some of the foods that are rich in calcium include; milk and other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, soy drinks, almonds and salmon. Phosphorous on the other hand is found mainly in proteins such as; all types of nuts, fish, eggs, beans and meat.

Tips on how to have that beautiful smile you have always wanted

When it comes to oral hygiene, it is not only the teeth that require special care and attention, but also the gums. The gums hold the teeth steadily in place and when they are not in tip top condition, the teeth also suffer. That is why consuming foods that promote gum health is equally important. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are good for gums as they prevent them from bleeding, a condition known as scurvy. Some of the vitamin C containing foods are; citrus fruits especially oranges, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli.

Another way of ensuring good dieting is by avoiding or reducing the level of snacking, especially on sugary treats like candy and biscuits. Over indulging in such treats leads to cavities which can progress and become tooth decay. If you really need to snack, go for healthier options such as popcorn.

There is yet another group of foods that may contribute to you having the healthiest teeth possible at any age. Crunchy foods such as carrots and apples may need quite some effort in chewing them but it is worth it. This is because in the process of chewing, the teeth and the narrow spaces between them get cleaned as food particles and bacteria are eliminated from the mouth and gums.

Saliva contains antibacterial properties, which technically means that the more the saliva production there is, the less the harmful bacteria present in the mouth. There are some foods that promote saliva production and they include apples and sugarless gum. Chewing on these stimulates the salivary glands to produce more saliva which in turn cleans the mouth and destroys harmful bacteria.

Do Not Blame Social Media


People worry all the time about being happy. It didn’t just happen today, this generation. So do not blame social media. That pervasive feeling have been nagging at us a longer time than we care to admit. Instead of working towards it, we reflect, we question and rationalise. And we compensate. Should it be any different for our children? It is not just the kids, but most adults are also hooked on social media. They can’t put their phones down. They use them for work meetings, for buying things, for keeping in touch with their old school buddies. If you, who have been born of a different generation are using these tools for your own day to day, what do you suggest children who are born of this time, use?  

The problem was always there. It’s not pretty. And before social media we didn’t want to address it. So, it stayed hidden. Do not blame social media for pointing it out. Social media platforms exposes and sometimes zeroes on user personality. The substance of a person you would usually not have a clue to, can now be hinted at by their social media accounts. Narcissism, love of cats, political inclinations; it’s right there.

Social media has been blamed for everything including mental health issues. A disparity of income can affect available alternatives. Sports (equipment), community sponsored drama, school music recitals. When these children are all tuckered out from sports, or thinking and creating costumes and props for plays, there is less time worrying about what they are missing out on. They sleep, rest, they collaborate, they communicate with their peers. They get to worry about different things and not just how many likes their new profile picture have.


Roosevelt said ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’ Well, sure. That is when you are looking from a place of where we (in our opinion) fall short of. But you can’t be less at everything. The body image dissatisfaction is a tired argument, it has been plaguing women since the 80’s and magazine subscription was a thing.  Like most of the problems being blamed on social media, this is an old one. It is hardly fair to put the blame on a newcomer just because it is convenient. This is not to say that the children should be given unlimited access to social media. It does mean that they should be given a chance to explore it. The same way we explored newspapers for news, classifieds, garage sales and even personal ads.

This is their world and their time. What we must do is try to help them along using tools we already know (responsible posting/sharing, security measures) to hone theirs. Guide them in the safe and proper use of social media.

Social Media As A New Power


It is very rare that you would not see people on their smart phones when one goes out. They would usually be on their many social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, and the list goes on. They could not put their phones down. Not when eating, not even while in a conversation. It is the constant fear of missing out (FOMO) that has put social media as a new power.

It is both good and bad, being in these platforms. There is an information overload, that is neither bad or good in its own. What we do with it is what makes it either. Social media opens more avenues for friendship but it does so for bullying, too. These networks are invaluable to any marketing company. For most companies social media marketing is as important if not far more important, than any other marketing forums. This is also true to any group or affiliation a student belongs to. They can reach more people, like-minded or otherwise. There are more opportunities for interaction and learning through social media

Through online conversations, one could learn first hand what other countries are like from new friends that they make. Video conversations become animated and can show a person around a location or share experiences that one might not want to actually try. Communicating with peers and teachers, also groups of same interests becomes instant for sharing information, rectifying mistakes and just touching base.

Using social media as a new power is evident in its ability to inform and influence a much broader audience, of different generations, to agree or think over facts, realities and opinions effectively and all at once. The use of instructional videos on these platforms can teach and enhance skills on their own. The creative pieces people make, whether tangible or not, sometimes get discovered or highlighted through exposure on these sites.


Immediate news of things happening elsewhere. Earthquakes, floods, good or bad, people can just go live and show whoever is interested in what is currently happening. 

Like anything new, some people are opposed to things changing. Preferring for how things were before. But if that thinking succeeded at all before, we never would have cars or airplanes.

The Good, The Bad and The Viral


A new study recently claims social media is actually good for your health. This is contrary to previous studies on the same subject matter. These other studies and research were saying too much time spent on social media platforms can be detrimental not just to physical health but also mental health. It is likened to the impossible beauty standards magazines and the media have always espoused. These beauty standards is a constant reminder that ordinary people would never measure up. And because we can’t the harder we try and be miserable in the process. These platforms already have too many pictures and videos that not even a single hair is out of place except on those programs where they do this intentionally.

This new study argues that not all factors were considered. More noteworthy effects of social media were not considered. New technology and point of view from the young users of this media. This argues that there is more available connections. That social media is an avenue toward meaningful social changes all over as a global effect. A wider reach for worthy causes and to share information, ideas and point of views. Too bad it can also be addicting.

Fear of missing out or FoMO is one of the biggest arguments for developing anxieties of people with a social media account. Quite like knowing there’s a party going on where your friends are at now and you’re not invited to. These feelings arouse insecurity and jealousy that we normally wouldn’t encounter on a daily, recurring basis. Because we are a species of emotion, what we see on these platforms will invoke a reaction, and enough of it everyday can alter our way of thinking. 


Used to be that when you talk of something viral you meant sickness. Now it means campaigns or strategy in spreading information, product or cat videos as fast as one can.  Marketers, entrepreneurs and companies take advantage of this fear or missing out and sneak these things in our news feeds, on our most watched videos and redirects. So social media is like in real life. There’s good things, bad stuff and horrendous commercials in between!

Hiding Behind Social Media


A digital life is not supposed to take over your real life. And yet we almost always have our phones in our faces. 

The world of social media is fast becoming the norm. People are living their best lives. Capturing it and broadcasting it on social media as a deeply recorded documentation of their perfect lives. Instead of creating memories, they are creating a story. A story built on lies hiding behind social media.

Instagram, Facebook, twitter. Almost all these platforms with their image sharing capabilities encourage daily postings, one user one-upping the other. There seldom is a place or a meal they would look like without arranging it and cropping it in their mind for the perfect instagram shot.  

It used to be that social media was a way to get connected. A way to form bonds and keeping touch with others despite our busy lives. Now it looks like we are even busier with not a life to show for it. It has become a race for the most likes, the most retweets, the most heart.  

But more threatening than these is the psychological impact it leaves our youth. That they need to be a certain way in order to be liked. That likes and popularity equals happiness. Not only is their psychological health in danger but also their physical health. There has been a number of reports of bad effects for short term and long term use like seizures, cybersickness, anxiety and dependency. They would hardly be on these gadgets a long time if not for their social media accounts.


More alarming still are those trolls and cyberbullies and so-called keyboard warriors. They hide behind their screen names targeting anything and everything. They utilise the power of anonymity and claim it all for their right to free expression. Trolls want attention and end goal is annoyance, that is why they are on the internet. Cyberbullies on the other hand, just want to cause deliberate hurt. They frequent social media platforms because their targets are on these platforms. It is best that you know what to do when plagued by these no-good entities.

These social media unpleasantries are now part and parcel of our technology-based world. It is a little interesting to see what good it will be to our society. But we should always be vigilant of the bad that could come of it, too.

Social Media Influence

social media strategy agency sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide

You can’t escape social media nowadays. More so if you have a smartphone. And who doesn’t? The average person has in some shape or form have encountered it. Maybe even signed up for any or all the social media platforms. It isn’t any mystery then to find that social media influence is becoming a real thing in real life.

Brands and individuals have their own social media accounts specifically because they recognise this influence. This is to increase their brand’s visibility and create more loyal customers. It also helps in connecting and communicating with potential clients and business partners. For big, known brands garnering followers and likes could be made in a day. For the small businesses, they reach this when they use their social media strategically over time. More than content, more than memes, social media can inspire and influence people.

One that is slowly gaining momentum is the zero waste – going green movement. More people are posting restaurants and shops that allow their collapsible cups. This is instant marketing for the shop and the cup. And promoting a worthy cause that of going green and zero waste. There are also places that are now selling things in bulk. They encourage you to bring your own containers because they are package free shops. Banning the plastic straw. This I credit to social media. And the fast food giants heard, obeyed or have jumped on the bandwagon.

Social media is also instrumental in giving brands a conscience. Or at least take notice and do something. In an effort to clean up their acts, some people are posting pictures of brands trash (shampoo, conditioners). These single use individualised packaging that are truly becoming an issue. One that some groups are making the manufacturing companies take responsibility for.

This is a good example of a huge undertaking that everyone is being asked to be aware of and participate through social media. A global concern that needs to not just be addressed but needs immediate action. For our own sake.

3 Ways Social Media Is A Cosmetic Dentist’s Best Friend

Social media management for dentists

The use of social media in numerous ways is rapidly growing. And most people are now turning to social media platforms to reach out to their dental practitioners. One can, however, browse the internet to get answers concerning their general health. This connotes that it is now possible to all oral health-related issues solved online.

And for sure, social media is a cosmetics best friend since they can relate, connect and communicate to their clients effectively. There are ways in which social media help dentist achieve a lot in their dental health services. You can easily share many minor defects that dental bonding helps with to help your patients learn more about it. Did you know that 80 % of people around the world turn to online resources for their health concerns? Now you do. Well, here are ways social media is helping dentists.

Looking for Social Media Management for Dentists & Orthodontists in Sydney? Click Here to have Facebook or Instagram Advertising & Content Development for your dental clinic, services or products.

Increased credibility

It is right to say that a lot of people nowadays are making use of recommendations provided by their friends or those found online whenever they are seeking for unique services. And the truth is that whenever someone is looking for dental services, they will search for them online and find the information they need even before deciding to conduct any of them.

The websites or social media platforms of the dentists will have reviews that anyone can use to verify the authenticity of the dental doctor and that improve the credibility of the dentist. Those without an online presence, it would be challenging to prove their credibility; thus, new clients may end up not getting in touch with them. Photos and videos of past dental tasks can help increase your credibility.

Improved visibility

Your businesses may not purport to be visible without an online presence. In this digital era, traditional marketing approaches may not be as effective as they used to be back then. The world of marketing is changing rapidly with innovative ideas being put into implementation every day. As a dentist, you should leverage the benefits of the internet to make sure you are visible across numerous platforms existing online if not all.

For example; you can have a few pages to share your products and services to potential customers. The people will also interact with you through queries and clarifications, and you can even provide directions to your place. You see, your services will be merely a mouse click away!

Nurture brand loyalty

It is a proven strategy to make use of social media to build customer loyalty. See, it would be better to have all questions concerning your services and perhaps your products answered via a social media platform than having people visit your offices to ask the same queries. If you answer their questions in good time and they get satisfied with your feedback, your loyalty gains momentum. Yes, they will trust your products and services more than anyone else. Cosmetic Dentists’ social media management in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane get the best results with Facebook advertising & Instagram content. Marketing cosmetic dentists via social media to audiences in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane should match with a strong SEO campaign as well as Adwords and email marketing.


Social media should be like a funnel for your business. With it, you can deliver a lot that could not be achieved without social media platforms. So, if you are not yet into it, consider making a bold step of incorporating social media is reaching many people. Eventually, you will increase credibility, improve your visibility, and finally nurture your brand loyalty.

Dangers of the Digital Age


An unspoken conflict exists between teens/preteens and adults. About having, using and managing smartphones and gadgets. Smartphone use is prevalent in young people’s lives. Adults being adults, who can sometimes be worrywarts, tend to search everything wrong with the new generation and their daily weapon of choice, the smartphone. They go about their business unaware of the dangers of the digital age.

Because youngsters have nothing to compare their lives without smartphones and all these social media platforms, most of them see nothing wrong with social media or the technology that they are now experiencing. To them it is a speedy way to connect, communicate and share. A novel way to express themselves. It is life as they know it.

Cyber bullying – the anonymity behind a keypad, those whispers, unflattering photos and threatening messages that will incite fear and embarrassment to our children. Without guidance and a strong support system, they will never tell and never be open enough to stand up to it.

Cyber flashing – as if bullying was not enough, this is another bad side of technology. The immediate and oftentimes anonymous unsolicited images can be sent through bluetooth or airdrop. Or the falsehood of befriending on apps using a different picture as profile, and receiving a call from this cyber flasher. The anonymity makes it even scarier for the victim. It could be enough to trigger anxiety issues and a general feeling of dread.

There has never been a need for parental guidance in the use of smartphones because until recently there has not been reports of this kind. Taking away smartphones may not be the right answer. Guidance and preparation, not to mention seeking out new solutions, have to be foremost in facing these problems of our digital lives. Perhaps technology can also shed some light in figuring out how to limit this predicament.

For now what we can control is how we prepare and mold our children. Being involved in their daily life and opening their eyes to the risks and potential harm of ‘stranger danger’ of both online and in real life situations.