Six Strategies To Increase Your Social Media Following

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You can expect MICHAEL AUTHOR to speak the TRUTH about these Six Ways to Increase Your Social Media Following …

1) Spread a perspective that activates people’s fear response.
If you’re going to employ this strategy it’s important to note that your humanity, your personal life, and any emotions other than disgust, outrage, cynicism and anger have no place on your page. The more you can help people collude WITH YOU and AGAINST the enemy/competing perspective, the more your content will be shared in fringe communities and by the weak-minded.
Popular topics to address: Global politics, feminists, antifa, BLM, vaccines, 5g, trump, mask-wearing. Bonus points if you do something shocking and antagonistic on a Facebook Live.

2) Create numbered lists.
Numbered lists activate people’s biological CRAVING for certainty and direction. Particularly now, we’ve got a boatload of people craving certainty, so numbered/bullet-pointed lists will appeal to the masses like never before.
Remember: The number is arbitrary. If you are following strategy 1) the more on your list the better because it creates a sense of OVERWHELMING fear rather than just slight fear, which will cause people to share your content even more fervently.

3) Critique other highly visible online influencers.
The only thing that will increase your following faster than spreading a fear-based perspective is to activate people’s disgust and hatred of others who hold different perspectives from them.
There’s a trick to this one. Even if what the other person is saying makes a lot of sense, you must reduce their position to absurdity and then attack the absurd position rather than their ACTUAL views. In logic, we call this a Straw Man argument. This tactic serves two purposes:
A) Baiting the other influencer into engaging, which enhances your credibility.
B) Taking full advantage of being the second-mover. In online arguments, the person who RESPONDS SECOND gets the last word. That’s why in rap, “dis” videos are so popular. Most people stop listening to the first-mover after a successful, scathing, critique. Or they’re drawn into the drama. Either way benefits you.

This one is obvious. If people love boobies, you win. If they get offended by boobies you also win because they tell others you showed your boobies distastefully, which gets you more eyeballs.
Obviously, it’s a bit harder if you don’t have tits. You can compensate by being extremely silly and expressive. Sorry, I know it’s not a good replacement but it’s the best you’ve got. Unless you have a man-bun, or really striking tattoos. Those are about equivalent to having tits in terms of personal draw.

5) Don’t be too intelligent/insightful. Instead, be powerful.
Power is demonstrated by how efficiently you cut down anyone who disagrees with you.
Remember: Your audience is, ideally, stupider than you are. It’s important that you speak only to people who will have something to gain from listening to your brilliance.
You must be prepared to demonstrate that brilliance, and you want to TURN OFF the people who are smarter than you to begin with by offering them nothing of value, insulting them, and resorting to ad hominem attacks. Try to sell them on your program and insult their intelligence when they choose not to join If they refuse to be bullied by your tactics, you can just block them.
6) Post pictures of your really hot girlfriend.

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