30 Reasons To Do Pinterest

pinterest for business training management sydney australia

Pinterest is one of the big players in the social networking sites today, and is very effective in strengthening your brand recognition. If you haven’t discovered it, now is the time!

There are multiple reasons to do Pinterest and here are 30 of them.

  1. Pinterest is here to stay! Pinterest, which has recently launched Pinterest Web Analytics to illustrate its impressive statistics, has been valued at $7,700,000,000 by Forbes.
  2. It continues to grow fast! Pinterest surpassed 10 million users, faster than any other stand-alone site in history. In March 2013 it’s estimated to have 640,000 Australian users, up by 30,000.
  3. Its referrals traffic, when targeted, is very worthwhile! It appeals to college-educated females age 25 to 44, a sweet demographic for retailers if ever there was one.
  4. Pinterest drives sales directly from its website — of people with Pinterest accounts, 21% have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest. (Sources: comScore and Nielsen). Pinterest shoppers spend more, buy more items, and make more purchases than other social media buyers including Facebook and LinkedIn according to comScore.
  5. It’s Easy! Pinning uses up less than one calorie per pin!
  6. It’s (still) easy to share … even though Pinterest has moved the Twitter button it used to have available at the moment of pinning(!) which means we can’t kill two birds with one stone.
  7. It’s fabulous for recycling all your Instagram photos. Recycled content is king again!
  8. It doesn’t have to be boring! Pinterest doesn’t have to be all shoes, shopping and images of cats – as the Epidi Curiosity Shop shows, it can even be shocking!!!
  9. Infographics reign supreme. Infographics are the new fast way of learning for the time-poor attention-deficient modern thinker.
  10. You can always edit your pins.
  11. You can follow people’s individual boards.
  12. Secret Boards! Develop ideas internally among staff or for in-house presentations (or for your secret dream wedding, even if you don’t have a boyfriend yet!)
  13. Love a Good Satellite! Just as Twitter spawned Tweetdeck, Twitpic, Vine and ManageFlitter, to name just a few, so Pinterest has spawned Share as Image, Pinstamatic, Pinerly & Pinpuff.
  14. Videos can also be pinned. Also check out the “best youtube videos ever” page.
  15. One pin can launch a company.
  16. It’s a great social media activity to do over a few glasses of wine.
  17. Increase your website’s virality. The sheer existence of Pinterest is a good reason to improve the images on your website so make your website more pin-friendly!
  18. Showcase your niches, showcase your knowledge! Pinterest allows people to express themselves through a blend of their many disparate interests. This allows you to not only find out about new & different market segments, but see the relationship between differing markets and segments. You can further divide your content & offerings into segments within your market. E.g. a garden store might have a board for different gardening tools, flowers, vegetables, & other reader-generated needs.
  19. Its SEO properties are – at this time – the best of all social media.
  20. It’s a fantastic personal and professional image library and its search facilities aren’t too bad also.
  21. Pinterest can be inspirational! Create boards about things you love.
  22. Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs than Twitter.
  23. It can help secure your brand name. Do it now before it’s too late!
  24. It is free!!! Who doesn’t love free advertising? The best part is other people help you advertise when they re-pin your pins!
  25. Pinterest lets you express yourself!
  26. Pinterest can showcase your brand’s best features visually enticing potential clients. Most people buy with their eyes. So if it looks good, they would want them!
  27. Pinterest elicits random PR.
  28. It’s a great way to engage with your audience.
  29. Pinterest is another window to connect with the world giving you more access to a huge market.
  30. Pinterest can give you inspiration for new ideas or useful information that you can practice in your own business or personal style. Inspire and get inspired!

Spray Foam

spray foam wall insulation sydney

Why would a person need spray foam? Is it environmentally safe? Is it safe to human health? How long does it last? Is a customer searching for it for home insulation or is it a business? What business applications is it most required for? A winery? A warehouse? A social media management company? Who the hell insulates their sheds? Which is better of you can only afford one – wall insulation or underfloor insulation?

One of the things that we strive to do, and is often a far more painstaking process for clients to grapple with as they know their own businesses backwards, is to as far as possible comprehend what a client’s customers needs truly are. To do this we have to try and understand what it is our clients’ do, why they do it and what the end outcomes are for customers of their business. So when approached by Ecofoam about starting a campaign with them we got to work on finding out as much about their customers as possible – within privacy limits of course!

Not only did we learn we’d be targeting a campaign that focused on residential, commercial and industrial clients, which is a broad range that needs to be approached in many ways, we  conducted lengthy interviews with staff from Ecofoam in order to learn about the science behind spray foam and about its practical applications in the real world so we could talk about it confidently and run the marketing from an angle which we genuinely understood.

Insulation is a competitive market in Australia, every company worth their salt is truly having a go at dominating the market, whether online or otherwise. When coming up against this kind of competition it’s important to go on the offensive and to keep it sustained long term otherwise there will be no increase and possibly even a drop in rankings, just due to sheer competition.

This program has been one of our hottest. Simply because we had to allocate some of our best staff to internet battles to raise rankings. We threw some great minds at it and came up with a multi-pronged program which required staff members to write hundreds of hours of fresh content for a service wide information update and release.

This was definitely a case of bringing out the big guns!

The Short Story:

  1. We took a strong approach to learning about Ecofoam’s business in order to fully understand our clients’ needs.
  2. We spent time developing a stronger frame than usual to support our efforts in growing their business presence online.
  3. Staff created hundreds of hours worth of new content in order to develop fresh ideas for the campaign.
  4. This massive influx of fresh content gave Ecofoam an edge in the market against much larger players to maintain and improve upon rankings.

Other keyword terms:

Underfloor insulation

Wall insulation

Shed insulation

Foam insulation

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Hearing Aids

hearing loss corporate seo sydney australia hearing aids cochlear implants problems

An extremely competitive industry in Australia, when we were contacted about SEO-marketing hearing aids initially by HEARnet we all had to take a look at each other for a moment. The best thing about this is, we weren’t afraid of this challenge, you could see we’d all gone into ‘how to make this work’ mode.

HEARnet is focused more on research around hearing loss to help with prevention and also partnering to develop hearing aids which are more effective in the future. So we were dealing with competition from many groups who are in the business of selling hearing aids for these search terms, but we had an entirely different angle we could use.

As usual our Google search team decided to go after hard goals instead of soft targets. It would be easy to get rankings for terms related to medical research and conditions, which would seem great on the surface, however HEARnet was also about informing the public at large about hearing loss prevention and solutions, so we had to go for the big fish.

We set up the program to have an initial blast off phase, where we focused more than double our usual resources to ensure we put enough momentum into the program to give us success later. This saw rankings increase dramatically and push some terms where we would usually not find our clients at all, to finding them as first page rankings.

The short story:

  1. We were approached with a significant challenge due to the particularly competitive nature of the search terms required.
  2. We looked for fresh angles which would give an edge on the competition.
  3. A ‘blast off’ phase was initially used which gave this program double the usual resources in order to cause a stir.
  4. Rankings have gone from not being found in the first 100+ places to the top ten, or first page of Google for terms that are searched over 5000 times per month locally.

Find more information on hearing aids check HEARnet out by clicking on the link.


Rubbish Removal Sydney

Recently we were contacted by Doyle Bros, a company specialising in resource recovery and waste removal, essentially offering an advanced recycling option for businesses.

They had stumbled upon the following problem, they offered a great solution to customers, 24 hour pick up of waste, it would be recycled using a modern Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and in some cases they pay the customer to let them take the waste, however among a sea of businesses who offered only a simple rubbish removal option it wasn’t so easy to get this option in front of potential customers.

Having had some experience with online marketing before and understanding the cost benefits over traditional marketing, we were contacted by Doyle Bros initially to start working on a strategy with them.

The product they were offering was aimed at the commercial and industrial markets, and not for general consumption, so it was decided to focus even more heavily on the SEO component being delivered and less on social media functionality.

We also decided to be a little bold here, many SEO companies like to grab at long string, or very business specific queries, meaning long search terms which are not regularly used. We decided to rank for not only business specific terms, but also for general terms, like rubbish removal Sydney. This was a challenge as usually short or common searches are highly competitive.

This methodology helps us with funnelling huge numbers of common organic searches in the direction of the Doyle Bros business which means that they’re taking more advantage of leads being generated that long string searches or ultra specific searches wouldn’t bring them.

This has brought them a huge number of leads.

The Short Story:

  1. Doyle Bros picked up on the cost benefits of online marketing versus traditional marketing.
  2. A strategy meeting helped give the program direction, let’s focus on SEO instead of Social Marketing to target the right prospects.
  3. We aimed to be bold when campaigning, going for large volume, short string queries that would pave the way to direct leads.
  4. Doyle Bros is happy they’ve found a cost effective way to let people know about the good work they do!

Find out more at rubbish removal Sydney

Instagram Management for Business

instagram for business management training sydney melbourne brisbane perth adelaide australia

Instagram is bread & circuses combined with smoke & mirrors. It’s a place where your business can create a populist lifestyle profile to draw people in – a magazine hook – should you need to make your boring, staid company have a bit more hipster appeal. Visibility is where we can be of huge help to your business – it’s not just likes & follows – including the crucial addition of a comment if the image has over 11 likes – but it’s the relentlessness of having targeted demographic visibility done every day all year round – so peopleknow of your brand on instagram as a first point of discovery.

“I discovered your brand on instagram”. This is what our clients hear continually.

Some interesting considerations which will be developed into articles in the coming weeks:

Definitely have emoticons eg emoji in your toolbag.
Is there a magical babushka factor? Eg @alexsydneymagic
Hashtags – collect batches of them. Delete hashtag batches but sometimes keep the most obscure and/or relevant ones in place.
Other social media: select which social media to instantly post to eg twitter, and recycle your self-created visual content on FB & Pinterest.
When u have your instagram & twitter hooked up then when people mention u on instagram it will instantly tweet your correct twitter name on twitter.
Make a list of allies.
Play the exotic location card.
How to turn a 23% follow-back rate into an 80% follow-back rate. Eg cherryrose9.
Drip feed. One event or outing can supply a fortnight’s images.
If you’re inclined then use instaweather, instaplace, instacollage, instatag, instavideo  etc.
Regard your phone as your own personal istockphoto library.
The cult of food will never die: wizzfood alvinquah_ chocolatesuze talkandspoon etc
Finding community: selectively follow other people’s followers: follow hashtag flows eg #vividsydney and also use Four Square to find location demographics.
What I’d like to see: insta posts to business pages.
Beware: people who like heaps of your photos without following you.
You can block people & report abuse & spammers.
You can access your account online but to extract photos u need extragram.
You can use instagram in hootsuite but I haven’t figured out how to add photos – seems u can’t do it.
Instagram bit unwieldy re accessing past photos. Pinterest better for storage by category. Insta is all chronological. Same problem twitter & Facebook.
Other effects on photos,: shapely, shapic, textmask, fisheye, pip camera, instaframe, @abeautifulmess
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Employee Benefits & Financial Education

financial education industry SEO mortgage brokers sydney australia employee programs

When people ask me where I developed my business skills, which, being a little in my forties are fairly broad, I like to see it as a chance to comfort them with a very clear fact – pretty well all the work I do, from SEO to social media management, photography, article writing, public presentations and website design and development, I learnt on the job.

Usually this question arises because someone is talking to me about improving their career prospects, and wondering how they ever get to where I’ve ended up now. Learning on the job is pretty well half of the truth. The other half isn’t so palatable – the 16-hour days for weeks if not years on end.

But for all that I made sure I developed skills along the way, most of it wasn’t a conscious activity. It happened by osmosis or accident. Was it encouraged by the employer – for all the enlightened media organisations and magazines I worked for, I can honestly say that only one – Universal Magazines – ever cared about staff development enough to run me through a few courses.

Invariably those courses were focussed on making me a more skilled employee – not making me a more rounded out human being. Though of course being a skilled employee is usually also a vital part of becoming a more holistically-content human being.

Future Map is a collaboration between Alisdair Barr and Zoe Lamont offering financial education programs as part of employee benefits a progressive employer can offer staff.

To me, coming too often from the dark ages of employee development, this is a futuristic notion indeed.

Giving employees the chance to step back from the corporate furnace and consider ways that they can better use their income – in the sober environment of the place where they earn those funds – is a genuine gift by an employer to individual staff members.

Alisdair and Zoe fly around Australia delivering such workshops and report that 12 months on from their workshops, employees give the feedback that their lives are more on-track in regards to dealing with mortgages, family costs, savings and having a more optimistic attitude to their future.

As an entrepreneur who has ‘failed’ more than I’ve successes, I look forward to them running a course to help entrepreneurs plan more hopeful life paths. It can be daunting knowing that, for example, you might have ploughed everything you’ve got into a business for five or even ten years and you know that if it goes belly-up, there’s no back-up of saved superannuation – there really may be the prospect of having nothing unless someone like Alisdair or Zoe has got inside your head.


For the record here’s the SEO Result we got for Future Map – a #1 organic ranking on Google for the highly competitive search term “employee programs” – #1 out of 340 million search results! For more about our “Conquer Your Industry” search engine optimisation programs call 1300 321 814.

social media management sydney






















Key Links:

Social Media Management

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SEO Sydney

SEO sydney social media management australia managers search engine optimisation

SEO Sydney ~ Corporate SEO is Not Dead

Short string SEO is definitely not dead! Don’t believe the liars and self-aggrandising cheaters who spin this line – the reason they think it’s dead is because they don’t know how to rank their clients for ultra-competitive short-string terms – therefor they spin this myth to their clients and have done such a good job fooling their clients that they then seek to hoist this scam onto the rest of the planet – somehow pretending this gives them some kind of superior market-advantage.

SEO is more vital to your business than ever … if you don’t make it one of your biggest marketing spends in 2014 or as a last gasp in 2015, you don’t have your head screwed on right. We don’t care whether you heed our warning or not, we’ve got heaps of smart clients and in fact we don’t need your business at all. We’re just letting this cat out of the bag because maybe one in twenty Australian business owners who reads this will wake up.

Here are some of the things we rank people for:

Digital Marketing – partnered with Atomic Digital to secure them a top ranking for this term.

SEO – partnered with Sydney Corporate SEO Company.

Reputation Management we rank Atomic Digital for reputation management – the online world can be a vicious place.

Underfloor insulation in the cold of winter and heat of summer this link is extremely valuable to Foamed Insulations who provide underfloor insulation, wall insulation and even DIY foam insulation kits.

Social Media Management we’re high first-page of Google for this term – say no more!

Cafes Sydney Sydney’s coffee addiction knows no limits and the amount of cafes in Sydney grows every day.

Wedding makeup artists marriage is a great institution for those who need to be institutionalised – and wedding makeup artists in Sydney are always looking to rank better on Google.

And over 100 other industry-conquering search phrases.

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Hypnosis Training Courses in Sydney: SEO For Hypnotherapy

Are you a coffee addict? Or do you have an addiction to instagram? Or both?

If both, you may find insomnia is a constant friend.

Our SEO client The Counselling & Hypnosis Institute of Australia has just joined instagram – they’re at

Their SEO is going very well and more on this later …

New Rankings

hypnosis training #7

hypnosis course #11

hypnosis courses #14

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Sexual Health Clinic Sydney: From Androgen Therapy To Vasectomy

SEO Case Study: Choices Sexual Health Clinic

Choices is a new website created by Gynaecare to market a broader array of services than fits under their existing Gynaecare brand which presently is perceived as a women’ health only operation.

Some of the development underway at present is:


– a Pinterest page geared to rank over time on Google for the sexual health clinic sydney phrase.

– focus on the new website’s home-page to also rank for the sexual health clinic sydney keyphrase.

– additional pages on this site such as a herpes treatment page.

– also a dedicated page for the shortened erectile dysfunction search term.

– a 3rd one for HPV vaccination as another anti-cervical cancer service.

– and finally a page for testosterone therapy for women.

As additional service-specific targets Gynaecare’s other websites are designed to rank for short-string single word terms such as abortion (not seen first ten pages) and vasectomy (successfully ranking at #7 for this single-word term) – while already having achieved Sydney-beating #1 Google Rankings for “vasectomy sydney” and “abortion sydney”.

Most Searched Terms: Sexual Health Clinic Sydney, Androgen Therapy, Vasectomy, Choices Sexual Health, STI Testing, Pap Smear, Cervical Cancer Screenings, Herpes Treatment, Testosterone Therapy Clinic Sydney, Womens Health Centre.

Mens Boxer Shorts Gifts For Men Sydney Australia

Out of all the social media training we’ve done across business, government and universities, the overwhelming feature of our feedback forms is a desire to learn more about SEO.

It’s ironic then that search engine optimisation is still the most integral part of our work. It’s the thing that brings our clients the significant ROI that enables them to have the spare change to spend on social media.

Social media is invariably an investment in the future of one’s business – though of course “anything can happen” and success stories are becoming ever more frequent.

Most social media work has almost insignificant effect on a client’s Google Rankings, however there are two platforms which do have an impact – and they are Google+ and Pinterest.

Today I’ll focus on Pinterest, suffice to say for our Sydney-based client Belmondo Boxers, who sell their men’s boxer shorts all over the world via their website, Pinterest is a vital part of both their social media strategy and one of about six underpinning foundations to their website, which, just a few months after creating, is ahead of almost all their competitors on Google.

Their boards are focussed on the following terms:

Men’s Underwear Australia

Men’s Boxer Shorts Australia

Men’s Gift Ideas

Gifts For Men Australia

Gifts For Blokes

Fathers Day Gifts Australia

Gifts For Dad Australia

Christmas Presents For Men

Boxers Australia

Boxer Shorts Australia

In my next post I’ll discuss why Google, desperate to save Google+ after they were outwitted by Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, have put a lot of search engine emphasis on Google+ leveraging results on Google Places / Google Local. So now the old joke about the only people using Google+ were Google employees can be expanded to include poor old SEO people who for their clients’ sakes are being forced to get into Google+ in a big way. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it!

For more on Pinterest Training For Business or Social Media Management across a range of platforms call Stewart Dawes on 0413 276 780.

Most Searched Terms: Mens Boxer Shorts, Gifts For Men Sydney Australia, Fathers Day Gifts, Christmas Presents For Men.