Dentists on Tiktok: New Social Media Strategies


Since the emergence of various social media platforms, entrepreneurs are continually coming up with strategies to enhance their online visibility and medical practitioners have not been left behind.

As much as it is one of the best marketing strategies for small and large businesses, the truth is, most medical practitioners do not know how to go about it as the process is a little intimidating to them.

No need to worry. The reason being, a simple thing as signing up for Facebook can do wonders for your SEO. For example, a dentist seeking to market his practice online should realize that services such as teeth whitening promotes well with images.

In this article, we are going to look at various social media strategies dentists should implement to promote their practice online.

Have an Instagram account

Did you know that research shows that images are better retained by the brain as compared to texts?

As earlier stated, dentistry services promote well with images. As such, Instagram is the best platform for this. Plus, it is one of the best places to reach Millenials online.

For dentists, taking advantage of Instagram is important as it creates brand awareness and promotes consumer engagement. For efficient marketing on Instagram you can:

  1. Capture images and showcase them to potential clientele
  2. Ask previous patients to share their ‘before and after’ photos and add a hashtag that is unique and specific to you. By doing this, online visibility is expanded to its followers.
  3. Post photos of your office staff to promote familiarity before booking an appointment.


Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective networking social media platforms available. Join groups and engage in meaningful conversation with other people in your area of expertise. On your personal profile, showcase the latest technology you have and provide examples of how efficient they are in patient care.

On LinkedIn, you will also get referrals from your fellow physicians, gaining more clients.

If you are new to LinkedIn, a TikTok social media management agency will help you get started.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is huge in social media. As you advertise your practice, it is equally important for others to do the same.

In influencer marketing, dentists hire or offer discounts to social media influencers on various high-ranking websites/blogs to allow them to promote their practice online. Through this, prospective audiences trust your brand and rarely see it as a self-promotion strategy.

Remember to search for an influencer who is a good fit and is confident about your brand. Ensure they target your demographic. When done well and effectively, it can be the beginning of a lasting business relationship.

Facebook live

Instead of using a huge sum of money hiring the services of video producers to create high-quality videos for your online marketing strategy, why not engage in Facebook live?

Facebook live allows you to live stream and talk to your target audience in real-time. Also, your audience can post comments as the video runs, enhancing direct customer engagement.

What’s more, it is a live video so your viewers will not be bothered by the lack of proper lighting or any other mishaps that might occur during recording.