Lower Back Pain Relief Is Possible with Natural Therapies like Osteopathy

Lower Back Pain Relief

Back pain is uncomfortable and can even restrict your movement. The World Health Organization estimates that one in ten people suffer from back pain. It is one of the leading causes that prevent someone from working.

In most cases, the pain is not caused by anything serious and will generally improve over time. To treat the problem, it is possible to resort to alternative methods, freeing the body from medications that can cause side effects.

The osteopath techniques relieve pain but require the patient’s collaboration. Proper posture, regular practice of physical activities, and a balanced diet also prevent the appearance of pain.

Next, check out how Osteopathy helps to reduce back pain.

How Osteopathy Helps To Relieve Back Pain

Osteopathy is a manual therapy that acts on the joints, muscles, ligaments, and muscle tendons, and other systems such as nervous, endocrine, and digestive.

Its objective is to relieve pain, increase the mobility of different tissues with each other, and restore global harmony and body health. It considers that the human body is a complex, anatomical, physiological, and psychological set, in which all the constituent elements are interdependent.

Therefore, Osteopathy is a therapy that understands the individual as a whole. Unlike allopathic medicine, which usually “segments” the body into multiple organs without mutual interrelation?

An Osteopathy Session

The session is divided into three parts

First part: Formulation of questions to have a clear concept of the origin of the problem. The place of pain does not always coincide with the cause of the disorder.

For example, low back pain can be due to recurrent ankle sprains. The psychosomatic implications of pain will also be assessed.

Second part: Osteopathic treatment, always taking into account a work pattern, having ruled out possible contraindications.

Third part: Advice and indications to accelerate your healing process. They are usually specific exercises for the type of ailment that occurs, as well as nutritional guidelines.

The treatment time of a lower back pain relief via an osteopath session is approximately 50 minutes, although sometimes it may vary depending on each case.

Stay Active

Specialists say being active is one of the crucial steps for a speedy recovery. Resting for prolonged periods likely makes the pain worse.

The mere fact of walking, in addition to swimming or practicing yoga, can also be useful. But it is necessary to bear in mind that those who have back problems should seek medical authorization when exercising.

The yoga can help stretch and strengthen muscles and improve posture, although it also may need to change some positions if you see symptoms worsen.

In the case of the bicycle, it’s recommended you go to the gym and look for one that has a backrest where the back can be in its natural position while pedaling.

To Prevent Back Pain You Should:

  • Develop muscle strength and flexibility with abdominal, back, and stretching exercises.
  • Maintain a healthy weight because being overweight loads the back muscles.
  • Avoid sitting for too long, and keep an eye on your posture when using the computer and watching TV.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy things.
  • Make sure your bed mattress supports you correctly.