Children on Social Media: Never Is Best Practice


It is an undeniable reality that our children are growing up faster than ever before. Young children are introduced to their sexuality ahead of time, through things like fashion and the media. Technology is in the hands of 4 and 5-year olds, via TV and computer screens. The incessant digital world is all around our kids, blinking 24/7 on screens large and small. Pixels and bytes forming shapes, colours and sounds are telling stories and mirroring our lives in weird and wonderful ways. What about children on social media? Is never the best practice?


Social Media & Our Kids


Children think it would be wonderful to have lots of friends. Imagine if you could have more friends than you can fit in this room or this house. The more the merrier is their lovely and naïve conception of that reality. In truth, friends or acquaintances can turn on you at the slightest provocation in the realm of the digital world. Virtual forums on social media disguise the identities of their members. The internet is a fraudulent place, where who says what bears little resemblance to any forum in the flesh and blood real world. There are adults pretending to be children online. Sexual deviants pretending to be your caring friend. Criminals attempting to discover financial information about possible targets for their frauds.


We Must Be Vigilant on Behalf of Our Kids


Kids must be protected from the nefarious elements prevalent on social media platforms. It is not a game to be played by human beings of all ages. This world wide web has plenty of spiders lying in wait for the innocent and unwary. Whilst there are bad people doing nasty things to other human beings, we must be vigilant on behalf of our kids. We must respect the privacy of child care centres to ensure the safety of their attendees. All institutions and facilities that cater for our kids must be adequately protected 24/7.

Social Media is an Adult Conversation

Social media is an adult conversation. It is a free for all between consenting adults. It can be productive, and it can be very negative. It takes the qualities inherent within us all and magnifies those on a much larger scale. It turns micro into mega, intimate into a stadium experience. It involves uncommitted participants in an exchange of opinions. It takes a digital impression of what may or may not be a person and asks you to play along with the charade called social media networking. Children on social media: Never is best practice.