Franchising Dental Clinics: Dentists Use Multiple Websites To Expand Brand To New Suburbs & Cities


Franchising Dental Clinics has to keep their marketing tools up to date to stay connected to existing customers and add new patients to their rosters during this unprecedented time.

To help franchising dental clinics, add new patients, and leverage sales, dental offices need to use multiple websites to expand the brand to new suburbs and cities. You already know how important it is to have a dental multiple websites presence. There are good reasons to have multiple sites.

So let start to take a look in more detail at when several domains could be helpful.


Irrespective of the type of business, companies often struggle to communicate with a diverse audience with a single website. 

Different sets of customers have different expectations for your products/services, and this is where having multiple websites comes in handy. It helps addresses the need for diverse messaging. So, you can cater to the diverse interests and frustrations of your different target groups.


Does your business have multiple local presences? You can have different websites with geo-specific domains for each of them to build a stronger connection.

So your local customer’s website is more user-friendly for local users – customizing content design. It is showing that you are committed to the local market earning their trust and loyalty.


There is much debate in the SEO community about the importance of a keyword being in the domain name. A recent study by SparkToro asked 1,500+ Professional SEOs how much weight each ranking factor has in the Googles organic ranking system. 

Keyword in the domain name came out as one of the least important ranking factors. Crucially, however, it came out top of ranking factors by relative disagreement. 

This means that some SEO professionals felt very strongly that keywords in the domain name had a larger impact.

Therefore, as Google’s algorithm improves with each update, the focus on high-quality, content that matches the user intent will mean exact match domains will continue to have less of an impact on rankings than other more important factors.


Having separate websites for different business niches allows you to promote your specialization more effectively.

You have to focused on keywords if you are promoting more than one brand or business niche. Moreover, you can avoid being penalized by search engines for using too many keywords in a single website – which is popularly called keyword stuffing.

Apart from supporting product/service niches, this also helps you develop specific and value-driven content, making your website successful in the long run.

If you have multiple websites or are considering building more, ask yourself why having more than one site is necessary. If you can’t come up with a good answer and wondering how best to deal with them, contact us by clicking here.