The Good, The Bad and The Viral


A new study recently claims social media is actually good for your health. This is contrary to previous studies on the same subject matter. These other studies and research were saying too much time spent on social media platforms can be detrimental not just to physical health but also mental health. It is likened to the impossible beauty standards magazines and the media have always espoused. These beauty standards is a constant reminder that ordinary people would never measure up. And because we can’t the harder we try and be miserable in the process. These platforms already have too many pictures and videos that not even a single hair is out of place except on those programs where they do this intentionally.

This new study argues that not all factors were considered. More noteworthy effects of social media were not considered. New technology and point of view from the young users of this media. This argues that there is more available connections. That social media is an avenue toward meaningful social changes all over as a global effect. A wider reach for worthy causes and to share information, ideas and point of views. Too bad it can also be addicting.

Fear of missing out or FoMO is one of the biggest arguments for developing anxieties of people with a social media account. Quite like knowing there’s a party going on where your friends are at now and you’re not invited to. These feelings arouse insecurity and jealousy that we normally wouldn’t encounter on a daily, recurring basis. Because we are a species of emotion, what we see on these platforms will invoke a reaction, and enough of it everyday can alter our way of thinking. 


Used to be that when you talk of something viral you meant sickness. Now it means campaigns or strategy in spreading information, product or cat videos as fast as one can.  Marketers, entrepreneurs and companies take advantage of this fear or missing out and sneak these things in our news feeds, on our most watched videos and redirects. So social media is like in real life. There’s good things, bad stuff and horrendous commercials in between!