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It’s easy to “manage” a Facebook business page – any mug can do it – but for small businesses, what really matters is “developing” their business page.

Most of the time when business owners tell me “we’re managing our business page in-house”, part of me grimaces at the thought of their in-house “social media manager” happily whiling away the hours on Facebook, doing the very occasional post to “prove” their worth, and then whiling away a few more hours on Facebook.

I don’t see too many jobs posted on or other recruitment sites for a social media developer, and yet this simple waywardness in semantics can make a significant difference to a company’s success or failure on social media.

While social media management is important – you need that daily presence even if you’re quite a small business – in fact more so – what ay small to medium business needs more than ever is social media development.

And a Facebook business page is – despite the stats showing 11 million Australians on Facebook – where social media “development” is the most difficult of all.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Google+, indeed even LinkedIn, are far more open platforms where people are often there because they are more open and curious about “the world of social media” – so a full-scale development process can reap massive rewards.

But Facebook pages – they’re a dog.

Like owning a dog, you’ll get some love back from them – but return on investment?

Like a dog, you’ll need to feed them once or twice a day.

Like a dog, you need to take them for a daily walk around the neighbourhood so they can piss on other people’s posts.

And most gallingly, like a dog, Facebook has got your business page cooped up behind four walls – stuck in suburban solitary – for most of the day.

Your Facebook page is stuck in backyard confinement – you can’t directly approach your Facebook fans, etc etc – so many things a Facebook fan is not permitted to do.

Delivering audience growth through legitimate, quality means is what we specialise in – we take your dog for a daily walk to achieve visibility, but we do far more than that.

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