How to Post Instagram Photos Directly to Facebook

Instagram is the hot app on the block these days. It captures the amazing images we are all able to take with our smart phones these days. Instagram can, also, be a powerful marketing tool for your business or vocation. So, how do you post Instagram photos directly to Facebook? You begin by launching the Instagram app from the home screen of your phone. On Android phones open your profile and tap on the three-dot menu icon. On IPhones from Profile tap on settings in the top right corner. Then,select linked accounts>Facebook>Share To. As a Facebook page manager, you can select your preferred page to default any future Instagram sharing on Facebook to that particular page.

Instagram Shares Improve Your Facebook Page

Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means it is very happy to share and play ball with Facebook. This platform has been kicking more goals in terms of audience engagement than Facebook has been for some time. Studies have shown that Instagram has the highest rate of engagement out of all the social networks. Instagram photos are of a higher quality, generally, than images are on Facebook, so, you will be boosting the quality factor there. Instagram has a more spontaneous reputation, which means that your posts will be fresher and viewed as more genuine by cross posting.

The Immediacy of Instagram Shines Through

 The immediacy of Instagram helps contribute more content to your Facebook page, which can feel a bit like your sex life in the autumn years. Keeping the flow of content happening on your social media accounts is vital to maintaining their effectiveness. Establishing a social media page on a platform is akin to having a pet – you need to feed it every day. A social media guru friend of mine, said of Instagram, “it focuses your mind on producing content and trains you in visually expressing your business online.” The internet is primarily a visual medium, a picture tells a thousand stories kind of thing.

 It’s All About the Photo Stupid

 It is important to remember that Instagram’s roots are in mobile phone photography. It’s all about the photo stupid! This cool social media networking app is made for sharing photos and videos. The captions are pretty important too. Applying filters to your Instagram posts is, now, an essential part of the whole Instagram schtick.There are some 23 filters available to choose from via the edit option at the bottom of the photo editor.

 Good luck with posting your Instagram photos directly to Facebook and happy Instagramming.