Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality

Social media marketing and management for hospitality, restaurants, cafes and hotels in these times have to deal with fear and uncertainty. The pandemic has caused many a business to take a turn for the worse, if not totally go bankrupt and close. They have to deal with a lot of government restrictions, policies and fear of the general public as this enemy cannot be seen. Even with the proper health procedures, some customers and guests are reluctant to go out and be among people.

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality

This is not to say that there wouldn’t be any customers at all. There are still some who would venture and just are not happy with being indoors for long periods of time. Man is a social being and even if it is just to walk the dog or stay for a day in a hotel for a fresh location, they would do that. 


Walking around aimlessly is currently not on the menu, this is where social media can help. Social media marketing and management for hospitality done right will help people find out if your establishment is open, the hours it is open for and what to expect if they want to drop in. Because of imposed social distancing, most restaurants and cafes have decreased guest capacity. Some even have to cut down workers for operations. 

Social Media Marketing and Management for Hospitality2

Facebook and Instagram are effective platforms in conveying hours of operations and getting in touch with the public. These platforms have different demographics and therefore have different buyer spending patterns. The younger, more hip, visual platform Instagram tackles the specials of the place, relying on artistic images. Facebook is the more informative of the two. The go-to  all around platform where recommendations, announcements and more extensive details are shared. Take a quick look at some of the cafes currently doing it great on these platforms.


Gram Cafe and Pancakes 

A relatively new cafe in Sydney, the first in Australia, Gram Cafe and Pancakes is almost a cult following in Japan. Osaka’s best kept secret is now located in Chatswood Interchange. Mouth watering and very instagrammable pancakes to suit your taste. Try the world-famous soufflé pancake or go all out with their Premium To Go Chocolate Pancakes onlinecasinosaud paired with a selection of hot beverages of Hojicha, Matcha, Black Sesame or Premium Hot Chocolate. A seasonal treat just for you! Welcome their Dark Chocolate Citrus pancake and Matcha French Toast. The name alone suggests yumminess.

Shop 67, Level 3/436 Victoria Ave, 

Chatswood NSW 2067



Devon Cafe

Devon runs on love and laughter with cups of strong coffee and good food – is Devon Cafe’s philosophy. They have served brunch favourites since 2013. Devon Cafe offers food that is a true mix of Sydney’s cultures and cuisines. From truffles to caviars, toast to croissant, all your best loved mainstays and experimental dishes are waiting for you here.

76 Devonshire St

Surry Hills NSW

02 9211 8777


Cuckoo Callay

Fine food and impeccable coffee is what Cuckoo Callay is all about. Their venue in Surry Hills is an amazing spot perfect for people watching. They have a walk in only policy and are quite popular with fur parents. Known for fabulously fresh food and totally tasty treats, this alliteration of awesomeness will have your breakfast, brunch and lunch sorted for you. How about a puppachino for your furbaby? Yes, indeedy. 

413-415 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

02 8399 3679


St. Dreux Coffee

St. Dreux coffee’s belief that passion and love for the coffee bean is the path to good coffee. Their vision was to create something fresh and new while practicing the time honored traditions of a community united by coffee. The French shepherd St. Dreux was a master multitasker. He is known as the patron saint of coffee houses and baristas. It comes as no surprise that one of the signature blends of St. Dreux is the Shepherd along with the Silver Bullet and the Rainmaker. 

151 Clarence street, Sydney NSW 2000

+61 409 439 906


Too much familiarity might breed contempt. And if the social restrictions get even longer, now and then, people need a breather. Even if just for a cup of coffee not made by themselves, in completely different surroundings that they wouldn’t have to wash the cup after.